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  1. Some of the knock-out information on the taming tab are way off (how many tranq darts it will take to knock out any given dino). The latest example was a Giga my friend was going to tame. Said it would take something like 153 darts and it took way over 200. Is that something that is constantly changing and hard to keep on top of or is there something wrong? FYI, dododex said the exact same amount of darts would be needed, so it was wrong as well.
  2. Built a wall to protect my dino's on The Center and listened to rain without visuals. Ridiculous bug.
  3. It appears that dragging and dropping game.ini and gameusersettings.ini into the settings window no longer functions, or does it not change the max wild dino level?
  4. Ok, I'll take a look, but I did drag the ini's over to Smart Breeding. Maybe I did that after the weird stats, I'll check it out. One other thing, ever given a thought to the ability to make Smart Breeding have a dark theme? That wall of white on my second monitor is kind of blinding while playing, but, it's not really a huge deal as I can minimize when not using. Really cool bit of work you've done. Had to of taken a lot of time. Greatly appreciated.
  5. That's awsome! What is the syntax we need to get it to work? I've used just the IP and port and ftp://user:password@host:port/path. Ok, I've made progress with ftp://ip:port. It popped up asking for my credentials, which I provided and saved, but now it's just saying "Authenticating". I'll keep trying to figure it out. Got it. For anyone else who needs help it was ftp://IP:PORT/PATH_TO_FILE Off topic, on the "Raising" tab, under General Infos, the "Food for Baby-Phase" and "Total food for maturation" seem way off. Is there a setting some where I need to change? Thank you for the tool, it's really great!
  6. Would love it if you could add the option to add FTP information for a server so at the press of a button it would go out, grab the save game, and you could view the data quickly and easily.
  7. Continued looking for a fix for the no rain visuals on The Island.
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