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  1. Some of the knock-out information on the taming tab are way off (how many tranq darts it will take to knock out any given dino). The latest example was a Giga my friend was going to tame. Said it would take something like 153 darts and it took way over 200. Is that something that is constantly changing and hard to keep on top of or is there something wrong? FYI, dododex said the exact same amount of darts would be needed, so it was wrong as well.
  2. @Pipinghot You really like sniffing your own farts don't you. The fact that it's sci-fi doesn't mean they had to make the primitive side of the game pointless, but apparently they did. There is going to be a part of the community that doesn't like that and will be disappointed in the direction of the series.
  3. Its a question, not a bug report. Now i've been moved never to be seen again.
  4. I'm on The Center and I'm trying to obtain a queen bee, however when I destroy the hive, the queen flies a little ways and then just disappears. Anyone else seeing this?
  5. Don't know if it's S+ or a change that Wildcard made with Gen 2, but my S+ feeding troughs are not feeding some animals that aren't within a few foundations of the trough no matter the range settings. Anyone else seeing this? BTW, go check your animals and make sure they aren't dying.
  6. I can't believe this is still a thing. This should of been an emergency patch.. come on!
  7. New patch, no mention of this bug, at all.
  8. An opinion, 'wrong'. Sure dude. Never a dino game.. ok. Not sure you are the person to be calling others wrong.
  9. I had a response, but decided it doesn't help anything to keep going. Your opinions differ, it's not a big deal. You win anyway Fresiki, as it would appear your preferences are similar to the devs vision for the game. Enjoy your victory.
  10. Not understanding his perspective doesn't make you right. The example you give, about smelting 200,000 metal bars and transferring with fairy dust, that's the problem some people have. And yes, using a bow and arrow is more realistic than your example. I don't have a problem with you enjoying the game and the direction it took, but to dismiss someone for enjoying the more primitive aspects of the game that used to be, well, I think you come off as ridged.
  11. PvE, we disable them as being nothing but a nuisance, same as leedsichthys.
  12. Seriously, this is a major bug. If loot drops are screwed up, you take away one of the reasons to play the game! Stop telling us there are more pressing issues. Geez man, this should of been fixed at first opportunity.
  13. Built a wall to protect my dino's on The Center and listened to rain without visuals. Ridiculous bug.
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