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  1. It appears that dragging and dropping game.ini and gameusersettings.ini into the settings window no longer functions, or does it not change the max wild dino level?
  2. Hard to get help here isn't it...
  3. Had this on The Island a few months ago but an update fixed it. Is that what I can expect here or is there another problem? No rain visuals kind of takes you out of it.
  4. I have nearly 3000 hours into the game.. never seen anything like what i'm seeing on this map.
  5. Just started a new map. First time on The Center, and me and the clan are noticing that the meganeura seem to attack you without you having done anything to them. Not taking their meat, not hitting them, etc. Is that normal on The Center or did one of my settings get hosed?
  6. I performed a restart on my server and it seems to of fixed the issue. If you own your own server, try restarting.
  7. Just booted up with the new patch 324.16, trying to use the spyglass and it appears only dino's further away display info. Up close to medium range, nada.
  8. Well new release says it fixed the color id issue, but GENDER is still messed up.
  9. Unfortunately the icon only shows up some of the time, and when it does, it's wrong.
  10. Not sure why it got a redesign, but the male/female icon doesn't always show up, and when it does, it's usually wrong. Is this a known issue? It seems like they keep trying to fix it, but haven't quite gotten there yet. EDIT Ok, my thread was moved here I hadn't seen this post. Hopefully they are working on fixing this UI right now.
  11. Maybe the issue has migrated. But there hasn't been a server update in a few days and this just started today. We usually go around looking for high level beavers, when we don't find one, we kill them so it will spawn more beavers. Today it just stopped spawning them. No more beavers. I think we've definitely discovered a bug.
  12. No, I mean we run the command and it doesn't work to restore the beavers. Also, I found a thread on reddit from 3 years ago, other people complaining about beavers not respawning on The Island. So apparently this isn't new.
  13. We've just started noticing that the beaver population is dying out. We kill them to get higher levels to spawn, and they aren't respawning. This is a new situation. Also, Tuso's are not spawning suddently. We are on a private server hosted by g-portal and we're on The Island. Anyone else experiencing this? Mods installed: Super Structures Homing Pigeon eco's RP decor eco's Stable Structures and decor Swim Clear Scuba Mask Monte's Engram Unlocker Death Recovery
  14. Ok, I'll take a look, but I did drag the ini's over to Smart Breeding. Maybe I did that after the weird stats, I'll check it out. One other thing, ever given a thought to the ability to make Smart Breeding have a dark theme? That wall of white on my second monitor is kind of blinding while playing, but, it's not really a huge deal as I can minimize when not using. Really cool bit of work you've done. Had to of taken a lot of time. Greatly appreciated.
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