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  1. was a tape system m8 just the same as the commodore 64, also remember when i first got it the memory was 3k but upgradeable to 16k lol
  2. My first computer was a commodore vic 20 and i loved it
  3. I have over 8k of buggy hours what on earth that has to do with ark 2 is beyond me ? this is what has influenced me to make this post. I purchased ark on day 1 had i known what i do now i would never have touched it.
  4. Well im glad I inspired you even though I was never trying too, this was meant for you it was meant for the devs, but as usual the brown nosers cant resist trying to belittle my thread.
  5. If it was different developers making this i would have bought it asap, but wont bother seeing how ark 1 was a buggy mess and they treated there fan base like rubbish and never listened.
  6. Rubbish event no breeding but what can you expect from WC when they never listen to there player base, I wont buy ark 2 because we will get treated the same on that buggy game too.
  8. 934 was offline for 9hrs and just came back on for it to crash again 15 minutes later
  9. the server came back on 15 mins ago and guess what its down again, time to uninstall and find a reputable company to follow not this garbage
  10. gen 2 934 been down for 9hrs now, its got so bad i hardly play now its just too unreliable, I wont be buying ark 2 because that will be just the same bugs and crashes all the way, also i have submitted server outage today multiple times and still its offline.
  11. fully agree m8 934 is down yet again, i spend more time on this forum than i do in the game NOT BY BLOODY CHOICE
  12. I have reported this at least 30 times and i mean 30 different crashes and nothing ever happens
  13. i wish the devs would sort this rubbish....why did i get suckered into buying gen 2.....what a mug i am
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