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  1. someone has buried a motorboat with generator on into cliff side with two turrets, what is the best way to go about destroying raft ?
  2. sorry what i meant was pter had popped out of pouch and cant put it back in, will i still get buff ?
  3. nice m8 much appreciated will tame a few
  4. na m8 i have a sky quetz base and ive used all structures , this is why i need small pet with biggest weight so i can get more on platform for storage
  5. thinking of smaller creature like dilo or dodo size
  6. I am after using a small pet on my sky quetz for storage....any ideas on the best one
  7. I need to back them up was wondering if someone knows what files i need to back up
  8. I have markers on my map and want to share them with another player how would i do this ?
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