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  1. Hey congrats to PenguinLover for getting her artwork in the CC!!! HR DE!!
  2. I want to see more player builds featured in the CC's Photo Mode section, please. There's already more than enough pictures of the dinos and landscapes everywhere else we look.
  3. SuperDooM

    SuperDooM's Armada

    A collection of boats, helicopters, and planes that I made in Ark! Mostly on PC/Xbox Unofficial Servers, or in Single Player, only a few on the Steam version with mods. Discord: SuperDooM#2527 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOdYq3AnffjjT1mR9p8N6UQ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/xsuperdoomx
  4. I was hoping to get this in the CC so forgive me for shoving it in the comments haha
  5. In ASA: I found that Elevator Platforms will stop moving when they come about 1/2 a wall height close to anything that touches it. They also get stuck on the Floor/Ceilings if there is layers clipped together. (Like if you put a Square Ceiling in the center of a 6-sided Triangle Hexagon Floor, and have the Track on one of the inside edges of the Square). But it only gets stuck AFTER you make it go up and all the way down one or two times. Only way to fix is to pick up the Elevator and Replace it, each time it happens. Which is basically every single time you use it. This is different from ASE in that ASE Elevators could clip right through floors and walls and any structure so that it never got stuck. I must say though that I like the new dimensions of the ASE Elevators, they fit with the rest of the structure metrics unlike ASE Elevators which were always too big or too small.
  6. Can we see some amazing build screenshots from the Official Servers in the next CC?
  7. Can we have some information about any improvements or changes to how platforms will work within ASA for the next Community Crunch please? I'd love to see a preview about what kind of boats I'll be able to make!
  8. This is a complex issue, Kage raises some great points and fair points about it. I'm not 100% agreeing with each point though, but maybe more like 90% lol The only point I'm not sure about is the multiple submissions for a single author. Plainly put: A good idea is a good idea. And sometimes a single mind has many good ideas. If someone puts the hard work in filling in their design for unique creatures, they should still be able to do it. Kage mentions how a CC can use an anon account to make their post, but any author can do the same thing to make multiple submission. This only creates a new problem where a good designer might not be able to take proper credit for their work if it wins, and any other random troll can attempt appropriate the credit. Seems like there's no way around this problem without just overcomplicating it. So multiple subs "should" be fine. I don't want quality intellectual works to be systematically suppressed, because in the end, we the community are the ones who miss out on new opportunities. The only way I see it being really problematic is when mixing multiple subs with the issue of the author being a popular content creator. It's true a CC can easily blow the competition out of the water with their followers, stunting the intended fairness of the vote. I don't even want to try submitting a design again myself, I saw how most creature wins were from someone who had followers, or had so many upvotes by the time I got the chance to submit my creation that I knew there was no way to catch up to them - which ties in to your point about how there isn't enough time for submissions to get in before voting starts too. The 3 day "grace period" for subs is a good simple solution, I like that. Though maybe we can still let people see the subs, just not vote yet. I also agree with disabling downvotes. It's redundant and unnecessary, and seeing those numbers can be quite discouraging. We only need upvotes or nothing. I'm not sure what to do about "disadvantaged creatures". This is a community attitude issue. I can only think of fixing this by breaking the subs down into categories and having multiple winners, one per category. But the Devs might end up with too many new community creatures to make. Repeat submissions... this I'm not sure about either. If a creature design is great and almost wins, maybe it should get another chance? There's only so many new dinosaurs to add in the game if we're basing it on actual real life discoveries. Maybe a limit of 2 or 3 repeat vote subs would be ok? If it doesn't make the cut after a couple chances then it should be moved aside. Here's a few more points of my own to throw in the bag. I think there should be 3 winners per vote. But not necessarily the "top 3". One should obviously be the top voted. One should be "Developers Choice", where the Devs have their own internal vote on which one they like best, or just "Game Designers Choice". I imagine there's probably a lot of great ideas people propose and the Devs are like "AW COME ON!! That's such a good idea! Why isn't anyone voting for this?? We should make it anyway." lol If they told us they like an idea anyway and are going to make it, that might encourage people to submit more ideas or make even better submission designs, knowing there's a slightly higher chance of winning. It's their game, I think they should get a choice too. I want them to be allowed to do this. And a third winner... maybe something like "Dev-Nominations", where the Devs pick the top handful that they like, and the community re-votes on that batch. So it's like we work together and interact a bit more as a community to design cool creatures. I suspect some people won't like the idea of the Devs picking their favorites, and what some of their choices might imply. But I think my 3 votes type proposition is a fair compromise for everything. IF we choose to solve anything with multiple winners anyway. One thing I want to add is how much "homework" it feels like I'm doing when trying to look at as many submissions as I can. There's too many to get a clear picture of what options there are when browsing the submissions in the forum page by page with a non-standardization of the descriptions. I propose a browsing page be created that has a thumbnail image and the creature name of every submission. It's standard procedure on the internet nowadays to absorb a higher amount of info about a post with a clear thumbnail image. One page to rule them all, one page the find them. One page to bring them all and in the Arkness bind them! Thank you @EvilKage360 for bringing up this subject! All of the points you note are good points of discussion. Even the ones I don't agree with. Maybe someone has more ideas to help put all of this together. I'm open to counter-points to my own ideas here. I have no idea if I'm really right about anything. I'd like to see some YouTuber's cover the topic too!
  9. This creature is pretty cool. And look at all that work you put into the submission! You got all the design documents and intentions laid out clearly. I worked in game testing and design before and this is some top notch work. You got my vote!
  10. Whoever has been picking the "Screenshots" for the CC lately has been doing a bit of a lame job I think. Songbird, Captain Fatdog, and myself all came together earlier this week and whipped up that giant Ship In a Bottle build, and posted it everywhere right on time for you guys to pick up on it. If this build isn't a prime example of a "community crunch" then I don't know what is. Instead, we have two boring screenshots of a wyvern from a weird angle, and a starter character looking at the empty world. Sorry Amenci and LifeEra, your screenshots are intrinsically fine, I just think they're poor choices for Wildcard to include in the CC - given how hard some people work to build epic structures. I'm not upset that something I worked on didn't get included, I'm just disappointed that what HAS been included recently fails to show the potential of the builders in the general Ark community, and what this game can really do. Mustang's treehouse build is a good choice though! That's some fine work that deserves to be seen. If you want to keep including screenshots of the normal environment and dinos, maybe break the screenshots section down into 2 parts, one for "Notable Builds" for all the structures people make, and one for "Notable Screenshots" of all the dinos and environment pics. And include 3 image choices for each section. I'm sure there's plenty of content out there for you guys to find, there's even more fanart included every week than in-game screenshots. If you need some help finding images for the Community Crunch in the future, contact me with a job offer! I would love to be part of the WC team, I'm already a well connected member of the community.
  11. Hey guys, can you showcase something that hints towards what kind of changes are going to be made about our ability to build boats? The "Dynamic Water" feature has me both intrigued and skeptical, I'd like to have some kind of reassurance that I can still make my own boat designs.
  12. I'm dying to know more about the dynamic water system and how boat-building will work! PS: Hire me as a DevTester. I am ready.
  13. SuperDooM

    Inspired by Hogwarts

    Awesome work @Songbird!! Congrats on making the CC!
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