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  1. Vlad and Sarris are both among some of the best of the best when it comes to the ARKitect community! I'm happy to see them featured here, that mill wheel is wicked!
  2. Hi Wildcard!!! Thank you for featuring another of my pirate ships in the community crunch!! The boats name is "The Belly O' Tea" haha I'm excited to see what kind of boat-making features you guys add for the vanilla version of Ark 2 when it comes out!
  3. SuperDooM

    SuperDooM's Armada

    A collection of boats, helicopters, and planes that I made in Ark! Mostly on PC/Xbox Unofficial Servers, or in Single Player, only a few on the Steam version with mods. Discord: SuperDooM#2527 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOdYq3AnffjjT1mR9p8N6UQ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/xsuperdoomx
  4. Thank you for featuring another one of my boats in the Community Crunch!!
  5. Sounds like Ark 2 is going to be a lot of fun! Moddable even for Console players? AMAZING! I hope there's plenty of content and ocean space for ship building! heheh
  6. SarrisRainbows always makes incredible builds! Glad to see her work featured here again!
  7. SuperDooM

    The DooM of the Seas

    Thank you for featuring this one in the Community Crunch!! Check out the YouTube video I made for my ship!
  8. BlueSucho has been miscredited for a build that was done by KS9! Please correct the error WC!
  9. Hi @KingOfTheFort! Yes this is built on a Motorboat on an Unofficial server, with the platform structure and radius limits set to about 7 - letting you add many more pieces than what's available on official servers. Find my YouTube channel to see videos of some of my ships I'd be honored for any of them to be the inspiration for another persons creativity!
  10. Issue first reported here:
  11. Good suggestion! This is also on my ark wishlist!!! There's some mod rafts that let you zoom the 3rd person camera out much further, but that's still not exactly what we want. I'd like this for vanilla ark too. Like a wooden variant that's a ship helm wheel. Can place it anywhere on a raft (including on the structures anchored to a raft). The wheel itself might still block 1st person view though, so maybe offset the view to the left or right of the wheel, as captains usually stand. One side might be slightly obscured, but as long as we have a view forward it should be good enough. It would be cool to lean left or right, but we can live without that if its too much to ask. Also maybe a metal-tier or tek variant of the helm for modern ships. Smaller wheel with a button console beside it kind of thing.
  12. Add this line to the game settings .ini file under the [Server Settings] section: MaxGateFrameOnSaddles=1 Works in SP for Steam and Epic (Gamepass) for PC. Or apply it to the server settings for your Nitrado server. Set it to whatever number of gates you want to add.
  13. Thank you ARK Devs for featuring this build in Community Crunch #300!!!
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