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  1. I haven't had it happen on the other maps I'm established on so far (Ragnarok and Extinction) but someone else said they experienced it while using Tek armor. Is this a new bug, or something I've just been lucky enough not to encounter until now?
  2. I just recently finished setting up Tek gens in my base; I had been running with 2 for a few months, no problems. I added 4 more a week and a half ago and now I'm encountering this bug. I get online and open up a Tek gen and it is burning through 1 element shard per second. I have to turn the generator off and on again to reset it to the correct consumption rate. Has anyone else had this problem? The amount of shards when I get on are as expected, so it seems to trigger the increased rate when I log on. I'm on a Nitrado server, the map happens to be the Center. I am about to go check my other maps. I also have a video of it happening, but the file is too large to attach; if anyone can suggest where I should upload so I can share, I'd appreciate it.
  3. Please tell me there is a fix in the works for this bug? Even when you're in Xbox party chat, your voice comes through in game chat (along with the white mic icon in the top right). There are topics about this from a year ago, I don't know if it was fixed for a period in between then and now, but it's certainly been an issue for a couple of months since I started using a mic again. I'm on a Nitrado server if that makes any difference. Everyone is having the same problem.
  4. Did that help? Still can't get them to work here. Also some of the gifts are dropping above the barrier and getting stuck there, then despawning. Sigh.
  5. Same. I've given a lot and got nothing. Even cleared the area of wild dinos, since the notes say they don't like them.
  6. Nope. And Wildcard may or may not be aware and may or may not be working on it. If only they communicated with their base, so we would know.
  7. Almost a year and it appears this is still a thing. I don't typically use my headset while playing on Windows 10 Ark, but decided to today because I was having lots of issues with boss fights and things not rendering. I don't have a physical mute button for my headset yet (thus why I don't use it for PC) so I was muting in the Xbox app and my voice was still coming through the game chat. Telling Ark I want to push to talk doesn't seem to work either... Just constant open mic. Anyone found a solution for this?
  8. I'm on Windows 10 also, but others in the cluster are having problems on Xbox too. I'm just confused, why it works some of the time, and not others. I couldn't get on last night, left my PC for 15 minutes and came back, figured I'd try one last time before shutting down and it connected! Today, it started loading like it was going to connect and I'm back to not being able to retrieve the address for any server. I would like to echo all the other comments of "ACKNOWLEDGE THIS, WILDCARD" because that's the most frustrating thing! I play other games where they have staff whose main job is to communicate concerns from the forums, to the devs and pass the response back to the players. Is Wildcard too cheap for that? Or are they scared that communication would increase the expectation of them to actually fix things?
  9. I'm a player on a nitrado server and Extinction has been crashing a lot today, usually in time with drops and element veins. One crash we were on wave 5 of a red pod and came back in to the dinos attacking us, but no pod. Another crash was about 5-10 mins after completing an element vein and we were rolled back to right after we had completed it and the vein was gone.
  10. Yes! It happened again today, but was much longer lasting and didn’t appear concentrated to one area of the map, like before. Feeling more and more like it’s unintentional glitching, which is disappointing because it could’ve had some cool story behind it. It also happened while I was solo-ing a red drop, which was a bit disorienting; so many hexes in one spot PLUS my rex... Basically I was mashing my buttons into a melted blob and hoping for the best.
  11. What is going on with the weird interference that's occasionally happening? Is it intentional or a bug? I was in the city center when an argy flew by and was almost invisible/pixelated. Then my character's hands were doing the same thing when I pulled up my map and GPS. As I flew around the city I could see people's tames through their walls, all pixelated, and wild creatures also. It cleared up when I got nearer the edge of the city. I've seen people posting about it happening in the snow biome as well. Curious if anyone has figured this out, as I can barely find any information when googling or searching on here.
  12. That would be a nice workaround, if the intention really is to stop people using turrets at drop sites... Can't exactly throw down a plant species x in the minute before the dinos come. Our player dedicated has turret damage set to a ridiculous number on every other server, but people complained about others using turrets at the drop pods, so now we're stuck with official settings and little defense against kiters.
  13. Yes! I was playing on my Xbox while waiting on the Windows 10 update and once I started playing on Win 10 I thought it looked weird. I've been saying I SWEAR I could see into the domes, like a snowglobe, but I keep forgetting to check. Hope they fix that, because it looks way cooler being able to see inside.
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