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  1. All those are def good things. But we gotta remember the biggest game changer. Dodos will no longer be able to produce meat. They would have to produce paultry if we added prim plus to the actual game which i think would improve the game tbh. Cuz enough mechanics in prim plus rely on them producing paultry. Which would chage the dynamics quite a bit and force people to stop relying on dodos to tame prime eating dinos. Those kinda things are what make prim plus better in my eyes.
  2. @Cedric Greeting cedric, i dont get it. This whole situation with prim plus and the excuses the big guys use of "not enough people play with our broken toy, so we dont do anything to it" seems kinda stupid. When plenty of people would play it. I would. Hell even broken i prefer prim plus over vanilla it just makes more sense and more features. That being said wheres the updates? Its been a year with a single update and no more news as to its fate. Whats going on? Whats the progress? Decisions? Even if its been canned i wanna know. Just like every other person and dozens of others that have said fix it. Anything would be nice. Quit being a ghost and tell us
  3. From what ive noticed that excuse that no one playes with a broken thing the devs justify it not being worked on. From what ive noticed prim plus might even be more popular then vanilla ark. I for one think its 1000x better then vanilla and makes a whole lot more sense. Especially with actual more features then vanilla. I want it worked on dammit!!!!!
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