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  1. I play Xbox and the update is finished, so please stop complaining.
  2. I hope everything is going to be okay with ark 1 when ark 2 comes out... PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO CHECK ON IT WC, as I love this game and hope that both can coexist without one killing the other.
  3. PLEASE GIVE US NAME FOR THE F.E.D.S.S (Floating Eyeball Demogorgon Screaming Squids) BTW I think I'm gonna nickname them that. I still feel like Helena with her FSBMM (seekers). And yes I added an extra S for screaming. I also am hoping Astrocetus will be on this map as it's kinda awkward to release another new space creature with no friends while floating. About the Maewing It will probably be somewhere in between rideable and shoulder pet as imagine a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to nurse from a tiny platypus. PERRY THE MAEWING?!? What are you doing here as I type? OUCH!!!!!!!
  4. Hey WC are you you gonna do all the arks or just they island, as Rock Drakes, Wyverns, and a few of the old Extinction titans (that were before Diana and Mei massacred them all) are begging to be animated.
  5. I truly doubt it they released Gen 1 only a few months ago after many delays so they probably were working on the second one the week after Gen 1 came out. Also ark is supposed to have a dinosaur underside of all of the tek stuff so space travel is slim as I doubt again anyone can pilot the colony ship
  6. Hey WC I know this will sound crazy but you guys did make wyverns breedable I believe. So this idea is what if Reaper Queens breed kings and surface Reaper Kings (which makes it harder) breed Queens (so the species actually has a possible way to exist) and another little thing for anybody who sees this that is not WC what if reapers are a mutated T-Rex by a mixture of Element and Radiation. So this the evidence 1. The ark is clearly monitoring species and do not reset them. 2. Every single ark has rexs except Aberration so the closest species are the Reapers
  7. Something funny, those creatures in the trailer as well as in that image with Rockwell still don't have a proper name. I still I am stuck with F.E.D.S (Flying Eyeball Demogorgon Squids). WildCard please do a reveal of those things soon. Many people are calling them Rockwell but there were multiple I don't believe that they are the boss either. Suggestion I think it would be cool if they roamed Rockwell's innards and you would see more of them after a bunch of eyeballs see you. Last suggestion I believe it would be cool if only Rockwell closely made creations could spawn in his innards. Or mayb
  8. I really am excited for this pack it makes me feel like I am actually in space. I just wish I knew what those floating eyeball demogorgon squid things are. Right know after writing that name I feel like how Helena felt with the Seekers in her Aberration explorer notes. It would be interesting to come up with a fan name for them. If anyone has ideas for them wrote them somewhere here. My current guess are F.E.D.S Floating Eyball Demogorgon Squids.
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