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  1. another good way of levelling that i used on on official: craft broth of enlightenment, grab a note/dossier and completely clean out the swamp cave on the island (megatherium works best). takes roughly 10 minutes if you know the cave, gave me about half a level when I was 118 (with normal rates. on an x2 weekend, you could make a full level.) plus, you can loot the supply crates.
  2. as the title says, I'm looking to add several extinction saddle bps to my collection. i tried farming the sunken forest cave for loot crates, since i have a base right next to it - but so far I haven't had any luck, plus the quality of the items in there is really not that great. in your opinion, what's the best way to farm those 3 saddle bps efficiently? (not necessarily limited to the extinction dlc)
  3. ugh, i can see how that hexagon reward for that mission was too much (i guess anyone can) -- but its been like that for a year; hundreds of players have already farmed it for its op reward. all that is accomplished by changing it now, is that newer players receive much less. they should just have left it as it was.
  4. i thought my stryder had vanished a few days ago (and made a thread about it here), but it turned out that i merely lost it. does the stryder still count against your tribe's dino limit? if it's still alive, it will count as a whopping 20 dinos, so that should be easy enough to verify.
  5. yeah, swamp cave @the island seems best. I got my first one after about 60 runs; by the time I got it, I already had 2 ascended rex saddle bps + a bunch of other ascended saddle bps. so I could have sold those & bought a theri saddle bp; but I really wanted to find one by myself. the good thing about the swamp cave is that, once you know the paths, you can get to the drops in very short time (10 minutes max per run, 3 red drops if you wait long enough in between runs). what we did was, we put down a tree platform close to the entrance, an built some beds, storage containers & feeding throughs on the platform... then, we'd just store the necessary equipment there, plus 2-3 cave runner dinos (you want to have at least one backup dino + one set of spare equipment; things can and do go wrong inside the cave sometimes, mostly because of server lag), and I'd port over whenever I felt like doing a cave run.
  6. haha, the teleport thing is exactly what happened - found my stryder chilling on a public tp that belongs to a box tribe in the lunar biome. ok, so note to myself: park all tames far far away from our teleporter, in case they start to wander
  7. ok, quick question: the stryder was parked close to our teleporter platform, which is set to public. assuming that the stryder moved onto the platform on its own (idk why it would do that, but I've had other tames suddenly get an urge to wander a bit, so its a possibility) -- could some other player have teleported to our platform and teleported away again with the stryder? or can you only teleport your own tames? because if that happened, i think i can kiss my styder goodbye now
  8. oh, i had no idea... that opens up quite a few possibilities then. especially since I don't know how long its actually been gone, last time I remember using it was friday.
  9. a few days ago, i took a harvesting stryder to gen 1, because that's where I harvest/craft most of my stuff. today, after server hopping with my char, I noticed the stryder's bed was not being shown to me as respawn option... the stryder is seemingly gone. there's no message in the tribe log. it can't have wandered off, as it was fenced in, and besides, the bed on its back would still show up in the list, allowing me to find it. however, checking our tribe's tame count, the stryder still exists and takes up 20 tame slots. (all but 3 dinos are currently in cryo, so it's really easy to verify, and no, we don't have a skiff on gen 1 ;-)). anyway. what could have happened to the stryder, and is there any chance of getting it back?
  10. player names aren't unique -- there are several (a lot) players with the name 123. battlemetrics just lumps them together.
  11. DILO, how does this even happen? is it related to something, like transferring off the server, or does it just happen out of the blue?
  12. griffins and rock drakes, 100%. I consider bother extremely cool. rock drakes at least have their use on abb -- but the poor griffins are just outclassed by so many other breedable fliers
  13. I don't know the specifics about stryder spawns, but most creatures in ark share their spawns with other types of creatures. Thus, if you move around the map and kill one specific type of creature only, after a while you'll find fewer and fewer of those -- because something else might spawn in their place. Perhaps try going where the stryders usually spawn, and kill absolutely everything in sight to bring some back.
  14. so after the changes, I managed to tame a mining stryder on my super laggy official server. finally! but, it's still an extremly frustrating experience. during the hacking minigame, the blocks I had to match now rubberbanded like crazy. there were no more failures where the blocks did not show up etc; the failures only happened when it looked like the blocks were at the right location, only to jump to a different position a fraction of a second later. overall, this change at least gave me a chance at guessing the right time to hack, whereas before I'd simply fail without knowing why. the stryder I tamed was level 20, and only needed 4 sucessful hacks in a row. I still failed for at least an hour . The whole hacking minigame is still heavily influenced by server lag, and I don't even want to think about taming a higher level stryder. overall, the change did improve things a tiny little bit, but imo, the whole stryder taming process should be completely overhauled.
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