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  1. Hmm yeah. the more i think about this, the more i come to the conclusion that part of the problem might actually be this particular server the last time someone wanted to buy dust gachas, the minimum price was 50k dust/50 tek ceilings, which is not a lot once you have a way of reliably getting element, but probably feels like a huge sum if you have none. Although once you have the gachas, you'll quickly earn that 50k dust back. The CI shard farm sounds more promising than I thought. I might try that out myself
  2. Wyverns have this annoying behaviour where they'll just start walking forward when you log in or otherwise enter rendering distance. As long as they dont hit an obstacle, they'll continue in a straight line. If you remember which way your wyvern was facing (and tribe log doesn't say it died), then just start walking in that direction -- i have lost and found plenty of wyverns this way. Usually they don't get very far. As to why its not fixed, who knows? This game is unfortunately riddled with bugs .
  3. Some background: I play mainly on the island, official PVE. I have access to extinction & genesis, and get my element mainly from farming shards on genesis, so the question does not really concern me. Anyway, we have a few very "rich" players on the server, who trade a lot & love showing off all of their nice/exotic stuff. (think top-dmg gigas, top stats wyverns with exotic colors, bloodstalkers & feroxes & magmasaurs, space whales and phoenixes etc.) Naturally, other players also want these things -- but anything nice is typically sold for tek/dust only. No-one will accept i
  4. Well if he plays only aberration, its clear why he would find wyverns & rexes useless - they can't be used on that map. If you play e.g. the island, you'll find rexes a solid choice for the bosses, except for the dragon, where therizinos shine. Yutis are also useful for the bosses because of their buff. Wyverns are a great flyer, great speed, super easy to tame (if crystal), can hold its own in fight (or just fly away if the situation becomes dangerous). Rock drakes are a cool mount, I really like them, but outside of aberration they are in fact the niche creature, imho. They really s
  5. idk how much life your basilo has, but it should be able to tank a few hits even with a primitive saddle. the last (and only) time i tried to tame a mosa, i did it exactly as suggested - but unfortunately, the gap in between the behemoth gates was to small, so my basilo ended up trapped inside with a 150 mosa chewing on it! now our basilo had an 100 armor saddle, so that surely migitated a ton of dmg, but it survived for several minutes inside the cage without getting too low on health. then, a message popped up stating that the servers were going offline in 15 minutes, so we aborted our whole
  6. i've managed to find a couple of beehives in the redwoods on my island server (official, PVE) and even tame 2 queen bees on sunday, so no, not every server is affected. however, I had desperatly been searching for beehives in the week before, as my achatinas were getting hungry. our sever crashed during the weekend, and that seemed to fix the beehive spawns. something strange is definitely going on.
  7. Here's the relevant part of the log, as you can see 1) it all happened in a very short timespan and 2) there's nothing about anti mesh in there. but I noticed something else: there's no reason for my own death, either. As I remember it, the thyla dismounted me, I survived its initial attack with a sliver of health left, immediately started chugging down health pots and tried to re-mount my bary. But then I just dropped dead, and it took forever for the respawn screen to show up. (well, not forever, but I definitely was looking at a pitch black screen far longer than usual, which had me worried
  8. i find that really unlikely, as I was just gone for about 1-2 min (base is at redwoods border and I was flying back immediately), but yeah - if theres no other explanation, maybe that was it. but if it was the thyla shouldn't there have been a loot bag with the saddle?
  9. As i was riding through the redwoods on my bary, i was dismounted and killed by a thyla (stupid, I know - I was close to the exit and stopped watching the trees, big mistake ). As I flew back to the redwoods, I received a message that my shoulder pet was killed by the thyla. This was no surprise, sadly I had expected this. However, seconds later, I received another message - my bary had also been killed. This time, no reason for the death of my dino was given, and no reason can be found in the tribe log. The bary had 10k life, an ascended saddle and was at full hp - it definitely wasn't the s
  10. Not much has been happening the past few days. I've been raising a bunch of babies: - the 13 weight argies I hatched a few days ago - 5 baryonixes, as replacements for the ones that drowned in the lava cave - 2 snow owls - 2 brontos & a mammoth, for no specific reason - I just wanted to see what the babies looked like. Oh boy, bronto babies are really special looking Also, an extremely generous person gifted me 3 fertilized boss giga eggs. This is amazing - my island server has undergone a HUGE price inflation in the past few weeks, with people asking rather outrageous amount
  11. ugh, I'm sorry this crap is the reason I personally will never build a big base on extinction, despite it being a really cool map in concept. corrupted dinos should be restricted to the wasteland, period.
  12. We had a crossbows & grappling hooks, since I'm a bit anxious about the very last jump before the artifact, and yeah using those would have been the only thing that could have saved us. But what happened there caught us completely off guard, since - from our perspective - we had not even been close to the lava pool - and we wasted the valuable time we had cursing and DILO-ing in voice Next time I'll either go in there alone and be ready to grapple during the entire trip, or bring a rock drake instead of a bary. Although in hindsight, going in there on a saturday afternoon on an official s
  13. Seems we pissed of some of the ark gods, since today we suffered another annoying loss. Buddy & me were running the caves on the island, we were planning to do both alpha brood & alpha ape. We were in the middle of the lava cave (south eastern), and debating which way to go - when suddenly my buddy said "woah, I think we're in the middle of a crazy lag spike". Before I could reply, we both found ourselves swimming in a pool of lava. We were caught completely off guard by this, and could only jump around helplessly until the lava killed us. Seconds later, our otters died as well. As we
  14. On extinction, I spent a lot of time flying in circles around the snow biome, watching every single snow owl through spyglasses and either murdering it or luring it back to my taming cage. I must have killed so many innocent snow owls, oh my. The spawn levels were really depressing, I think about two thirds were level 20 and below. I ended up taming 4 owls in total: 2 male 130s, 1 female 120 and one female 135. For now I've had enough of the snow biome, but I might try to find a level 150 one again next week. I transferred the owls over to the island, this time without any terrible accidents
  15. Started this day's session with a game file integrity check, which took forever and revealed 10 damaged game files. How odd. After fixing those, I finally managed to log into my base at the sanctuary again. I teleported back to the sunken forest, took out another flier, and went searching for my lost ember wyvern. It took a while, but I eventually I found him - quite close to the sunken forest entrance, actually. My spirits lifted quite a bit after getting the wyvern back. Losing the owls sucks, but I was not really that attached to them yet, they did not even have names. I then decided t
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