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  1. Same here. all 4 tribe mates some on one s and some on one x and in 3 different countries all crash every single time we exit to main menu.
  2. Not sure if you want this here Ced but I helped a friend tame a bee last night and it was mesh killed as it tamed. It was hovering at a tree in the redwood o. The island. Have a video if you wanna see it let me know
  3. Xbox Pve Valguero. These are all ladders that were just outside my base stopping anyone building near me. either rocks or trees touched them and removed them along with the dino gate. I did take xbox screenshots but apparently they are too high quality for the restrictions here smh so i have had to it as a video. link below. https://youtu.be/b-kbgRwgvMk
  4. 2nd profile loading main profiles dedi save ok this is the strangest thing but i have 2 profiles on one console that game share on xbox. i used the 1st profile to create a dedicated server. later i loaded into the 2nd account and ran a dedicated server (wanted to try something different) but it is loading the save from the 1st profile... i dont understand how it can! any explanation?
  5. Overall it was great! Pros FUN! loads of great loot, chibis are so cute and a lot of fun to collect Cons People. As per usual the number of D***s ruined many maps. players logging in just before midnight in their dozens just to get the gifts. People kiting so they could get drops. just as usual the toxic few spoiling the fun for the many. ALso on Valguero in particular many gifts dropped outside the map
  6. Just catching up on QOL stuff and something else struck me. Reaper queens. Can we please for the love of everything make it so the wild ones die if they borrow under water. There is always one d bag that leads them into the water either cause they cant kill them or to be a d***. the queens then sit there until someone kills them which is almost impossible in some spots or until server resets.
  7. Ya'll realise that you spend months complaining about not getting breeding events then when they start doing them you proceed to complain about not taming as well. FFS never satisfied! How about you stop complaining and appreciate that Ced is trying to listen and change WHAT HE CAN for us.
  8. Thank you so much for listening to us! and Turkey trials... omg so much yes
  9. Problems with the queuing system So relating specifically to Xbox. Not sure if this is a bug but assuming it's not intended. So trying to join valguero of course. 4 tribe members all try to join the same server at the same time. Server count shows 77 of 70. 1 tribe members gets in immediately, 2 others after around an hour of waiting. 1 other member joins the queue after I have been waiting for 2 hours and joins after a mere 15 mins. So up to now I have been queuing for 5 1/2 hours and 4 other tribe members have been able to join the queue either with me or after me and have now all been playing for 3 hours! Might wanna look at this as it is something that happens frequently.
  10. Fear evolved... Killer turkeys... Back when events were actually events not just a week of pretty things.
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