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  1. Thank you so much for listening to us! and Turkey trials... omg so much yes
  2. Problems with the queuing system So relating specifically to Xbox. Not sure if this is a bug but assuming it's not intended. So trying to join valguero of course. 4 tribe members all try to join the same server at the same time. Server count shows 77 of 70. 1 tribe members gets in immediately, 2 others after around an hour of waiting. 1 other member joins the queue after I have been waiting for 2 hours and joins after a mere 15 mins. So up to now I have been queuing for 5 1/2 hours and 4 other tribe members have been able to join the queue either with me or after me and have now all been playing for 3 hours! Might wanna look at this as it is something that happens frequently.
  3. Fear evolved... Killer turkeys... Back when events were actually events not just a week of pretty things.
  4. While I understand the need to restrict the use of some words in chat and naming dinos can someone please explain why "teal" is not accepted after the letters "slv". Can't figure out why. Can use both independently but not together.
  5. We have many cryo pods that are not being recharged inside the cryo pods. After playing around it seems to be the pod itself that is bugged as some will charge but these particular ones will not. Some have been in the fridge for 3 weeks and not gained charge.
  6. Xbox here. Having the same issue. Says they are charging but are not. Not just going slowly not charging at all. Seems to be some pods don't charge and some do.
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