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  1. Weird description. Came here to mention u can get amber from cave drops which is consistent and reliable
  2. Ads are completely gone. And it suckered ass too because my screen goes around the edges where u put your fingers and I was constantly pressing unskippable ads while fighting, then losing my stuff. Got primal pass and it glitched. 7 days in I realized I have to place restore purchases on every login. Needless to say I almost quit 20 times because of ads. But now they're gone.
  3. You can find amber from beach stones and farming metal deposits. The amber chunks that spawn on the ground are worth the time so get a PT and carefully search. Might miss ads but crafes are supposed to replace them so get PT and search for amber drops and supply crates Look up Dark Mobile Gaming's tutorial on naked lava cave runs for free guns and fur. Also go in the lower south cave with one grapple you can grab the artifact for free pick/hatchet bps and extremely important soothing balm it is braindead easy. Don't focus on amber first. You should have a decent amount
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