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  1. Single player settings Is there a setting to I crease imprint speed on switch? Also is it possi le to do difficulty 6?
  2. That 4 year old must be hella good at drawing, as no 4 year old even has the coordination to draw like that. Sure, it could be better, but switch is a very weak console, and ark is a buggy game as it is. Its playable, so just deal with it.
  3. Wild card will likely never add other maps, new updates, or any items/creatures from DLC's into the switch version, sadly(excluding the griffin, only available with commands)
  4. Check your filters. Be sure that your on all servers if you dont know for sure if its pvp or pve. You can also favorite a server and go to your favorites tab. Pvp pve filter still applies
  5. I dont believe switch has this feature, sadly, as it would make communicating much easier
  6. Floating dinosaurs at the hidden lake I am basing at the hidden lake on my current server, and I see dead coels floating very high in the sky. Yesterday, I killed a paramour and It just started levitating. This was on official.
  7. WildCard has supposedly stopped supporting the nintendo switch version of ark, so they will likely not add mods, let alone just giving us the new events.
  8. I'm sorry, but currently, and probably forever, the only way you can both play together without other people being able to join is to host a local session, which often crashes when I attempt to join my brothers. You also must be on the same internet. I do not know if you can kick people from a server, but go on the wiki, and you should be able to find the command to ban people from your session, you could also turn admin logging and friendly fire off so that nobody can force you to do anything. If you put a admin password in, then only the host should be able to perform admin commands. This is
  9. Best console is arguable. PC receives regular updates, and so do xbox and playstation, but not as much as pc. The graphics, framerates and loading times are greatly reduced as compared to the other consoles. The price is also greatly increased on switch, even though is should be much cheaper. I agree with you, us switch players should get at least a small portion of attention, but supposedly wildcard eliminated the group working on the switch version basically immediately after the initial update on the first day, so they likely no longer support the switch. It is messed up that they ignore us
  10. Yes, I understand that PC receives updates faster, and more often, but I can't afford a PC at the moment. For if and when I do get PC, is Ark compatable with controllers? For example, a Microsoft PC with an Xbox controller is what I would get. I'm not a fan of playing games on a keyboard is why I ask.
  11. New tribe How do I create a new tribe in the tribes section?
  12. I have noticed that this bug generally occurs for me when I power up the stat gain per level in singleplayer. May also be from increasing XP gain from specific sources(kills, harvesting, etc.)
  13. I honestly just made my account 30 minutes ago. I've just tried recruiting to my pvp tribe on switch so far, and complained about how switch has no dlc
  14. Nintendo Switch DLC Why isn't there DLC's for nintendo switch? I understand if they dont go along with the story, but they at least could have added scorched, aberration and extinction.
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