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  1. vou colocar em português... que fica mais fácil... e se quiser use um tradutor... este servidor 459 da extinção é um lixo... não consigo jogar... é lag em seguida... o delay entre os lag é de 10 sec... estou muito insatisfeito com o ark... este mapa é pago... no maximo 8 players online... em media 3 online... e não conseguimos jogar... o staff nao conseguem arrumarr isso? são tão inúteis assim? I'm going to put Portuguese... that gets easier... and if you want to use a translator... this extinction server 459 is a garbage... I can't play... it's lag then... the delay between the l
  2. what a dump... there's no way to play... the ark esta of congratulations for the lag... what a dump... lag in 1 me at least and a 10 sec delay... Garbage... Garbage... Garbage... Garbage... I'm very dissatisfied... how not solve these lag... are so incompetent? and don't think it's bad not to... if I'm telling the truth... prove i'm not lying... there's no way to do anything... and it's still a paid map... almost has no online players... and this poop...
  3. worked the roll back, but in the roll back did not stop the time to imprint ... XD
  4. guys... run.... server 459 on
  5. do not care if it roll back, just do not want to lose all my progress with dinosaurs mainly the gigas, but depending on the time the server comes back and I'm not on, will die all the same way, because I always organize the trough times with my time to return to play ... so the chances of losing is very great, I had put the trough for about 2 hours, as it supports 7 gigas and would always be going there to see them... Sad...
  6. very sad, I was taking care of 7 gigas was already with 10%+ and was doing very well ... I'm discouraged, I think I'll stop playing ARK, I'm going through a lot of anger, very difficult
  7. server on, and do not connect the server 459 is with some problem, is online but does not connect, and my dinosaurs growth has died all, almost 24h can not connect, someone succeeded?
  8. my mistake, which when I went to transfer from another server, I loaded my character and at the time of uploading to the main server, I clicked on create new character, I was very worried, so I came back and tried to enter again, and my character disappeared ...
  9. thanks for the information, I've tried a lot, as you wrote, but to no avail, I'm very sad, I just bought the map Genises, and in this character I lost, already many things TEK, I killed boss Alpha with him ... very sad...
  10. has anyone got answers from the support?
  11. my character is gone can someone help me? I went to another server, with my character level 101, and when I came back I asked to create another character ... Help me, please... my main character is gone... where do I talk to the support?
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