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  1. Is using reshade to enhance visuals in game allowed can't find an official answer to this anywhere
  2. I think they’ve made this tame too rare and also finding a male one for pheromone is ridiculously rare they really need to ramp up the spawn rates or at least share its spawn with something else so you can kill one to spawn the other as there are too many people fighting over even crap lvl ones just to have one also on pvp maps this means only alpha tribes will have them cos they will just kill anyone who gets near them when there’s a good one spawned
  3. pls just undo what the patch did to break hawk taming because i can't even tame with wild dino's now killed 3 brontos on foot and taming meter didn't even appear
  4. Hi I have this annoying problem where whenever i go to transfer from one map to another only three out of seven cluster maps appear in the list so if i want to transfer from Ragnarok to crystal isles i have to first transfer to gen1 exit to menu when it gets to character download then logon to crystal isles. The only servers that show on transmitters or obs and drops is extinction aberation and gen1 yet they are all in my favourites list This is a real pain when people are waiting for me to join for boss fights etc. Is there any kind of fix for this? I'm on PC steam versiong and official orp crossark5 cluster Thanks for any help
  5. I have different problem ....... first the drop was in the coldest part of the map and i died after picking up 2 presents if thats not bad enough i went back to my body to collect my stuff but as i went to open inventory my body despawned along with all the un-collected drops so not only did I lose the presents i lost everything i was carrying including my mana chibi some rare armor and weapons and cryo'd tames so i am not happy😡
  6. ragnarok orp crossark5 is still missing on epic i have missed all the fun of the event since it started except for in single player but its just not the same when i can't share the fun with my tribe mates😡 putting a ticket in is useless as i just get refered to the server outage page which is a waste of time because the server is NOT DOWN because my tribe mates on steam can still access it but epic users can't . WHY IS NOBODY LISTENING OR SHEDDING ANY DAMNED LIGHT ON THIS PROBLEM
  7. I keep putting tickets in for same issue and keep getting refered to server outage form, WHY the server is not out I just can't see it. I find it disgusting that there's 130 pages of the same complaints and not a single one of the devs have replied even to say they know about it and are working on it. So far I have filled in the the server outage form 5 times and don't even get a reply. Even if the IP has changed the server should still show up in the list and on epic version you can't search via IP address anyway. With the shear lack of support from these so called devs i have to wonder how their business hasn't gone bust yet, I mean they have the cheek to put out trailers for ark 2 and ark 1 still doesn't work properly, seriously who is going to spend there money on the new game after being constantly ignored by devs when there are so many problems with the 1st one. GET THIS poop SORTED OR I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!
  8. Does anyone know why on epic version official ragnarok orp crossark5 is missing? I haven't been able to join my tribe mates for xmas fun since the last update only 3 servers from the crossark5 cluster show up have been to support who fobbed me off to server outage report page so filled that report in but getting no feedback at all. The total lack of support from devs is shocking still have no explanation of why this is happening or when it will be fixed and by the time its resolved i'll have probably lost 100s of hours of work raising babies and such. the rest of my tribe use steam and they can still join the server so the server is running its just epic users can't see it
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