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  1. Well as the title reads 30% of the Community got 100% screwed over in the Extra life event and Wild Card thinks that 8 hour extension of it would resolve the issue. Which is 100% BS literally 30% servers where either 100% down or online for small period then crash just to get 30min ROLLBACK, lets add the hour of downtime to restart server so there is hour and half lost from that alone. The servers that are expecting said issues have lag and lag spikes so bad that its more like a rubber band game then ARK! But yet in WILDCARD Epic Wisdom they thought 8 hours would Comp those who where effected, 100% BS first you give the players who got 100% of event no issue 8 extra free hours to top out why the 30% got ruffle 6 hours TOTAL of event, the 8 hour extension is a JOKE. Also the state of game at this point is still Trash, the game has been out for how many years now and its same BS bugs from day one clipping, lost char in transfers, and not to include the 4 month waiting for Mod to fix issue which if game was done correctly wouldn't need be done. Not to get off subject! An for you Trolls that I know are going to Chime in and put your 2 cents into the pot First off you dont matter I would say your part of the 90% that got over 24 hours of play time through event. Lets also nip this one in tail to Ya was for Charity but when your giving a incentive to donate which some people did but got screwed over hell I could have donated to the charity straight off for at least a tax break. But I was foolish to think that Wild Card could run a event like this correctly. Lets Break this down into simple Terms dont offer a incentive for people to donate to charity if you can't provide what you offer which is 100% what happen here I donated over $300 bucks to get screwed I keep hearing people talk about how many gigas they got completely grown I start mine at start of event and they are still at 60% at the time of this post now please explain!!! Like I siad I know its a charity not the point don't put that into the contest because i would have donated the money either way but just let Wild Card get a Tax Break with my money, I get other may have donated more but not the point we where promised something in return for donating through them. Now you can say what you will but I know 100% that the others effected feel 100% same way we feel CHEATED! AN THE BIG METAL SHAFT UP THE TAIL WITH NO LUB!!!!!
  2. Just like the title reads are servers offline the whole dam cluster is offline you guys know that this cluster is junk but you as a company have done jack shiz to fix the issue. So how about a word on when it will be back online or what the hell the problem is. Tell us something thousands playing game why same thousand get screwed each time yesterday was Json Error because you use poopty CLOUDFLARE and now today, we want to know what the deal is and how you fixing the issue and when we players may get to play this is absurd that we keep dealing with the same BS issues because you refuse to fix.
  4. Really wish you would stop making excuses for them because its bullpoop the server went down on Friday why was in not fixed then please stop quoting me and defending WILDCARD i have played this game sense it come out the continue to do the same poop that they did from the start. The server should have been fixed already here it is Monday server still down and WILDCARD doesnt even have the balls to tell the players/customers (because we spent are money on the game) any information on when server may come up or even why the servers are down and estimated time of repair, but no they have to pull there scumbag bullpoop as always.
  5. CHILL HELL !!!! I want some Information, they could tell us something. They have the ability to call server host and report issues and find out whats going on and relay it back to us but no they continue to have bad customer support.
  6. Thats right lets worry about a fking event when there 20 servers offline that have been offline now going on 2 full days what about us players i guess we dont matter and who cares if we get to be involved with event, but with server down looks like we just screwed. So if you guys want to get off your az and please get the servers back online would be every so grateful. FIX SERVER NA-PVE-OFFICIAL-Theisland717 any dam time now!!!
  7. WOW ALL YOU GUYS CAN SAY IS REPORT YOUR OUTAGE HERE WHAT YOU THINK THAT 90% OF US HAVE NOT DONE THAT A DOZEN DANG TIMES poop! Why dont one of you call someone at server host and tell them to fix the fking issue sorry for language but this is a joke this game used to be alright but seems to just keep getting worse.
  8. Still no reply from any one from WILDCARD way to go you can beat money on this Gen is the last purchase I make. It sad that you guys can't even let us players/customers know whats going on or even if the company is working on issue. Hopefully someone will grow some balls and inform everyone whats being done to fix the issue.
  9. Still waiting on any information you guys would like to give but i guess WILDCARD only hires incompetent people who can't even respond to customers. Sure the moderators have seen this post hopefully they have informed someone about the issue but odds are they have not. HOW ABOUT SOME INFORMATION FROM ANYONE FROM WILDCARD FOR AT LEAST A ESTIMATE ON WHEN WE CAN EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO PLAY LIKE THE REST OF THEY COMMUNITY.
  10. This is retarded I want my dam money back how hard is it to keep them online as much maintenance they do they should not be going down. So WILDCARD are you going to replace everyone's poop that is lost from the servers being offline for 3+ hours just like 192 and 343. Your company is become a joke this is why people are finding better games to play because the company just doesn't give to poops about its customers. I will not be recommending this game to anyone and put in a negative review and leave it this way until Wildcard fixes simple issues such as restarting a fking server.
  11. Na-Pve-Official-Theisland717 has been offline for over a hour now As the title says are server has been down for over a hour when all the rest are still online we have reported the issue but seems no one wants to fix the issue. So if someone there would please get up flip the reset switch and get the server up and running please. I paid for your game the least you can do it keep the server running.
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