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  1. Bump @WildcardLelantos
  2. Nice for some i guess but when your server 40 pvp na smalltribes has been not on the list and all your dinos and character is unavailable for 3 days now who really cares @StudioWildcard fix up
  3. Yup server 40 offical na pvp the center has been offline not even on the list for the last 3 day now almost and not one of my tickets responded too to say they will even look into it customer service is non existent it seems
  4. Server 40 What has happend to server 40 please sort this out it hasnt been on the list for 3 days now this is getting ridiculous now @StudioWildcard
  5. Server 40 Once again server 40 na small tribes has not been on the list at all for almost 13 hours is there any devs that can sort this issue and monitor it as it continuously happends ddos and server poof this is becoming a joke now
  6. Server 40 compleatly wiped Its been reset to day 1 no warning my character is gone my base i spend months and countless hours on gone no warning what so ever there better be a roll back
  7. Server 40 Server 40 has not shown up at all since update 6 hours ago what is going on it seems all servers are back up except ours please look into this and reply
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