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  1. well, maybe they can add a few dinos from each map, free like valguero and dlc like aberration anyone else a very big fan of aberration?
  2. I got to be honest, my first post may not have been a good one, but the new people are always unfamiliar with the surroundings and/or what to say. give the noobs a brake
  3. yeah, like a crystal boss? something along that line would be nice also, maybe some crystal minions like rockwell did with the aberration creatures
  4. just to point out, like valguero did with their boss arena, what's going to be the arena for Crystal Isles? I;m hoping for Rockwell to be in the arena this time. they did manticore in ragnarok and valguero. I've always wanted to fight rockwell in a free dlc. pls?
  5. maybe they should not allow flyers in the floating islands, i mean maybe they should allow ravagers only. KEEP THE ROCK DRAKES!! valguero had no rock drakes even though there was an aberration system. PLEAS WILDCARD, KEEP THE ROCKDRAKES PLEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEE!!!!! ?
  6. I love the new dino thing and all, but I'm still having troubles trying to spawn in the VR dinos and bots from genesis (I'm on Ps4) and I was wondering if wildcard could help me out here. OR anyone at that, i wanna see if I can spawn in bots from genesis, then forcetame them and see if they can roam around acting like tribe members. solo tribe without mods. again as I say: a little help fellas :l
  7. I've ALWAYS wanted to go on Crystal Isles, and now I get to play it for once since wildcard is doing the rest of the work. LETS GO WILDCARD!!
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