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  • Open Tribe  ·  811 members  ·  Last active

    S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.

  • Open Tribe  ·  298 members  ·  Last active

    We are the Anarchists. Join us. we are a mostly laid back tribe. We have one simple rule, don't take more then you give to the cause.

  • Open Tribe  ·  304 members  ·  Last active

    Welcome to The Gamers ARK This tribe is dedicated to the protection of all Dodos and Jerboas. All are welcome to join the tribe, but please make sure you introduce yourself here in order to receive an invite.

  • Open Tribe  ·  12 members

    were looking for tamers grinders and were already built up quite a bit

  • Open Tribe  ·  3 members

    Looking for fellow RPG gamers to come have some fun on our new dedicated 5X everything PVP server. Active admins and a friendly play style so bring a friend. Be the hero or the villain. Whatever you want can be yours do you have the resolve to make it thru the night. HAHAHAHA COUGH COUGH COUGH well back to it then....... Hope to see you soon and lets have some FUN!!

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