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S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. im reborn adamxd is my bae that we wiped 2 alpha plats on extinction just came back from a year break looking to join you guys
  3. hey im 25 year old male from scotland i have no character as it stands but i have been playing ark since its early release on xbox made the switch to pc im a experienced farmer i play about 5 hours a day but can sometimes play more than that this is my discord redkingred#3969
  4. Hello, I would like to join your tribe. I am 15 years old and come from Germany. I have 800 hours of play. You can contact me via discord: BoxReady#9847 Have a nice day.
  5. I applied for this tribe like 2-3 weeks ago so YH discord is LegacyXD#0118
  6. Hey, Im 22 year old ark player currently I have 1.5k hours in official pvp servers. I am looking forward to join a tribe, I played in mega tribes before, I know how the drill. I have 106 level character with all essential tekgrams. if you accept me I would so glad, I can do daily tasks. and I want to ask, do you allow people to have its own stuff dinos, gear etc. ? I use wechat and discord as well. / Discord id : Execore#7284 -thank you.
  7. Im active daily, i like farming, im dedicated, im decent at pvp (and btw want to join)
  8. 1300hours on official pvp servers Can breed/run caves Disc - pumpkin'g#4944
  9. If you guys have a discord i would like to join that.
  10. Hey, I'm experianced player (I have 3k + hours on ark) and I played Ark on Xbox crossplay servers because of that my steam time nearly is 900+ hours. I can do mostly everyting as a tribe member. If it is okay I would like to join to the tribe. discord id :Chilguard#0465
  11. Hello, Im from Uruguay. I speak spanish but I understand english and i think i may say that i understand more than a bit. I have 770 hs in ARK . I have all the maps and I want to play with someone.. My real-life name is Octavio....... Octa#4356
  12. Hi, my real life name is Dirk, but my usual gamer tag is either Saltq or OudeKaas. I am from the Netherlands and just got back into Ark after having played for about 1.3k hours split between PS4 and PC in 2017-2018. I mainly played on boosted unofficial servers with a close knit group of friends, but it seems that they have all moved on to bigger and better things. Most of the YouTube content is on official servers and shows huge groups of people, which is what drew my attention. In the time I took a break from ARK I mainly played MMOs which I like because of the group activities, and hope to
  13. Buonasera io e un mio amico stiamo cercando di giocare official ci sono ancora posti per entrare? grazie
  14. Hello, I´m ariba or Jan however you wanna call me, Im 15 and I come from Germany. I have 1.1k hrs on Ark and im an quiet experienced player. I consider myself as a good pvper and as an good builder. Im able to farm and breed or hunt for bp´s but I hate Gen missions :0 I am looking for a new Official Tribe because I left my old one due toxicity. At the moment I am not that active because i am currently maiking my Graduation. Usually Im online almost every day for at least one or two hours in he Week and at the Weekend I am most of the day online. If your Interested DM me on
  15. Hi i have 2000 hours on ark with my second account but i made a fresh start,i know how to make colours, i can paint, breed, tame,build, raid,fight, and be wholesome tribe member and i am very good at organizating. my discord is SoapSalad#6779 i know a lot of dinos and how to tame them and strategies.
  16. I am a good farmer and a good pvp person And I would like to join this tribe Because my tribe rn IS ABSOULTE AS Discord Is 𒆙ʟᴇɢᴀᴄʏ𒆙 ๖ۣۜʟᴇͥɢᴇͣɴͫᴅ一緑#0118
  17. Hello! My name is wesley and I am a 21 year old guy from holland. I have played ark since it came out and I have roughly 2700 hours in it. I stopped playing ark since laast summer because I went to University but I quit because of covid so I have alot of spare time. My steam profile is open. The last time I played ark was in october. I'm always happy to contribute in a tribe! My discord name is Mighty#1235
  18. Looking for a tribe to play with, I’ve got a few thousand hours. Most hours are from older maps but got a decent understanding of most of the new maps after ab. Constant farmer, as I actually enjoy farming. I’m OCE region but don’t mind playing on other region servers as I’m used to playing on NA. Discord: JuniorLad#5399
  19. Looking for a tribe on Official megatribes for myself and another longtime friend. We're starting fresh on Official with no links or contacts, just finished a note run so now we're just looking for a place to call home before committing to the cluster. We come from 2k hours of unofficial experience, we're used to grinding and taming on several maps so our experience is spread out in terms of maps (probably less so on Aberration, we usually only go there for metal and reaper queens), and we're willing to grind, tame, pvp, bossrun, farm tributes or caves, build... you name it. We're both
  20. Ive got 900+ hours of experience, love grinding and taming. Also can PvP whenever needed on foot or tame pvp. Can and know how to raid properly. Want a tribe at least 25+ members.
  21. I've played Ark back in 2016ish when it first came out. I love the gird and being social. I have taken a bit of a break and looking to get going again! see you all out there in Ark! Discord jkllong2004#1034 (yes to letter L's)
  22. hello i usually play on offcial servers mostly on the ps4 and building incredibly strong and dense structure that make raiders rage is what i do this includes but is not limited to bear trap minefields turrents inside a base in the case of a breach MANY layers of honey comb and a creative mind my current char is level 88 known as noodles and what im looking for is a tribe to teach me about breeding mutations etc. so i can get better at it i hope you will have me!
  23. My discord is BeetAlt3 #2889 lmk if anything
  24. hey, im a student, looking to get better at breeding and want more pvp action than im currently getting. love to hit a good farm to create some wealth. discord is Shifty#1327

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