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S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Name: Ncian language: Spanish and English Age: 17 Hours played: 10 hours (new to the game) maps played: Aberration, Scorched Earth, Survival Evolved and Extinction My experience playing ark is not a lot (10 hours) But I have been enjoying the game a lot and I wanted to find tribe to join(to learn new things and play with more people)
  3. I'm looking for a large shortage on the 1x official pvp server to accept me.I haven't played for about a month and recently I want to go back to the big shortage. 1. My Discord Name: 810371#8312 2. Age: 16 years old 3. From: Korea 4.ark Official & Small Experience: War, tp defense, home defense, etc. 5. Total playing time: 3,700 hours. 6. Per day play time: 3-4 hours. Thank you
  4. I have 777 hours played, only in pve, I've been wanting for a while to gain experience in pvp and train my English because it's very precarious, I played most of the time on ragnarok, I have all dlcs purchased and I know the basics of the race. Discord: Gui, O Bob#3045
  5. Age: 23 Region: Eu Recently moved from xbox official to pc and i'm looking for a tribe I have alot of experience in the game just don't really know anyone on steam ark, so i'm looking to meet new people. I can carry my own weight and help with whatever. Discord : Kealam #4598
  6. Looking for a tribe have 850 hours so i know a little there and there
  7. Hi guys, I've been off ARK for more than a year and want to get back into it. I really enjoyed playing and can commit a couple hours a week. Here is my Discord: John11#8053
  8. I havent played in about a year but im looking to get back into it. i used to grind a lot with my tribe and had a couple of wyverns that i would breed. i have about 26 hours. My disc is Xcalibur#6656
  9. Hey There, My friend Bliss and I are looking for a tribe, we are both active players. Bliss has a ton of experience in the game, I am newer but we tag team tasks well together. She has tons of knowledge of the game and we can assist in anything the tribe needs from farming, breeding, taming, pvp. We are just trying to survive and we have been wiped constantly. Please add my discord Spazter#3479 I am looking forward to hear from you.
  10. Hey, im 16 yo playing mainly on an crossark server in the alpha tribe but i want to join an bigger tribe on official to get more pvp. i played official conquest for a while and gained a lot of experience there
  11. Age: 17 Name: Amokz / Calvin From: Germany Hours: 5k + Discord: 𝔸𝕞𝕠𝕜𝕫 l 𝕣𝕝#0722 Hi, i want to join a Megatribe and do anything i can to support my m8s to grow the Tribe. Skills: Building, Farming, PvP ( foot, air etc.), strategic Raids, Breeding & Taming ( not the best but good enough i think), Greifing and maybe more id forgot to write down. Maps: Standart: The Island, Ragnarok, The Center, Valguero, Crystalisles Extinction Scorched Earth Abb
  12. No reply. Is this tribe still active and recruiting? @G00N
  13. Active player looking for an active tribe. I played solo for some time and looking to work with other levelheaded and casual Ark players for something new and to work toward common larger goals. I enjoy a lot (farming, building, “the grind”, breeding, etc.) I am not too familiar with end game content or caves but would like to tackle those together. North America/PC/any map. I mostly play on Ragnarok, Crystal Isles, The Island.
  14. Looking for a tribe on 1x official pvp. Quit the game around 2 years ago(before Genesis was released). been mostly playing wow classic since then but quit it about a month ago. Watching Ark pvp on twitch has made me want to play again with the big boys. Discord name: Leipana#9769 Char IGN with alts: Lee (was Lei but that character got deleted) Steam ID with alts: 76561198904365885 AGE: 24 Region: Oceania (Australia) Experience on ark offi 1x & smalls: Base/tp defense, server grief, fighting in large numbers. I've done everything before genesis came out. Hours: over 6k P
  15. Hey i only have like 150 hrs but i mostly know what im doing just lack any pvp experience looking to get into it would love to join and give it a shot.
  16. Hi names varadinn. Small time streamer looking to come back to Ark. I stopped playing Ark as a main game prior to Gen 1 drop. Though I do have all the DLC's. I main official PvP. Never really understood the PvE for a game like this. Seems kinda boring half the fun is in the battles. I am decent at just about everything except building. Never been good at placing most defenses. Discord is varadinn#0960
  17. Hi I am looking to join I currently have close to 1500 hrs on PC and then another 1-2k on xbox(Havent played in a couple years). I am currently coming back to Ark I played prior to Genesis 1 release. Though I do have all the DLC's. I can do just about everything except building. Not a really decent builder been working on that though. Discord is varadinn#0960
  18. I played a lot on the PS4. Just got it on PC last year and played a few months on a friend's server. Looking to get back into Official servers again and want a fun group to play with!
  19. Hi. Returning to my addiction again (lol) and looking for a tribe. I've gone from ps4 to pc...so yh...kinda lonesome out here. Need to start all over fresh ofc, but will put in lvls fast. My ps4 survivor was "maxed" with all tek unlocked alpha lvl. Mature player (so old I dont want to think about it lol). Discord : EagleStoneGaming#1935 Regards
  20. I am 37 and have been gaming most my life as we all have really, I played ark for several years on Xbox through Scorched earth and the Center map - I moved to PC as i aged and after having our small tribes base meshed a couple years back my friends and I hung up our hats as we didn't know how to deal with the cheaters. I have limited experience on the any of the new maps but am a hard worker and enjoy farming. I am really looking for somewhere I can call my home and help raise dinos and assist in the war or fights and help keep metal in the forge. I usually get to play around 10 to 15 hours a
  21. Europe, Small Tribes, or Official, or anything really 900 hours, but not very familiar with late game Looking for a fresh tribe with nice people I like the inicial grind, I don't want a totally developed tribe with everything... I'm tired of playing alone so it would be really nice to have some ppl to start in a server Discord Joni#0821
  22. I am relatively new to Ark PvP, but I know what I am doing and am able to help with anything. I am happy to grind and share my resources, and will follow tribe rules. I am in the Atlantic Time Zone. Discord is EmptyMango#2617
  23. Hello, my name is Samuel, I am 17 years old, and I am Spanish, I am not very good at speaking English but I can speak it more or less, although I understand it perfectly, I have all the ark dlcs, in pc I only have 200 hours because I It happened recently but in play I have 2k hours, I do not have an official character because I do not have people with whom I can play, I am good at everything, and I wait for their answers. All the best Discord: Samu # 0008
  24. Hello, if you guys don't mind I want to join to your tribe from the ME region. average hs4 in a day sometimes +6hs I've been playing Ark since 2014 on various platforms and on the Steam platform, I own 1600+hs I don't have a character in the official servers because I left the game a while ago, but I am very excited to work with you and I’m ready any time. discord: https://discord.com/users/Mr.9⃣#9395 steam: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=449359113&token=CyboX4-7

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