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S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Tribe Recruitment Hello, my names scott. Im 24 years old and would like to join your tribe. I have 4000 hours on ark. I like to farm, breed, organize, build and pvp! my discord is Scottyboy#2730
  3. Wanting to join :) Hi all, I've been playing for quite some time on self-owned nitrado servers etc, just doing the PvE life and what not. Now I am looking for more active content such as PvE and actually doing stuff together in Tribes. Hoping you would have me :)
  4. Looking to Join as everyone else I don't know how many hours i have played. Since Alpha on PS4. I played most maps, but not enough to know anything special, Aside from the Island and ragnarok(parts of the map). I'm mostly a farmer/grinder/breeder. I'm just getting back, some of the mechanics have changed so i would have to adjust. I would like to expand my knowledge of the game, it one of my favorites. I just need to find a good community to join, and make it better.
  5. Looking to join Very experienced in all aspects of the game, a dedicated player... but I don’t see anywhere if you guys are PvE or PvP or official or dedicated HMU with info I can be a huge help
  6. Looking to join About 300 hours played so far. Been playing with a buddy with over 4k hours and has taught me a ton but looking to join a tribe thats more active. way my work hours are i can play for 2 days almost non-stop with the exception of errands and appts. and then 2 days not being able to play much at all. hmu on here or disc if i can join. Disc: JohnnyBravo#9746
  7. lookin to join sup im just a random ark player trying to look for a good first experience with an actual tribe, would love to try with this one and hope you accept still!
  8. Looking to join hey im kinda experienced I have all achievements unlocked and 500 hours played im not completely the best at pvp but I like the thrill of the raiding and other things not sure if you do pve but yea i'd like to join I usually play on unofficial servers with usually 50x or lower Discord:Radio#0666 Steam:RadioCat(friend code:166953738)
  9. Looking to join the tribe Hello, I am somewhat new to the game, I am starting to learn my way around the game. I am a fast learner, I am active and I can grind. I am home schooled which means more of a flexibility when playing, I will only be playing about 2-3 hours a day with minimum 2. I am willing to do any/all boring work and shadow people, give me a job and I will complete it. I am always learning new stuff, and I am happy to do so my discord is Uknown_Exile#0482 This short, if you would like me to add more just let me know, thank you for considering me.
  10. Nightz, bringing the cool, calm, calculated fury Greetings all Nightz here, 32 Canuk in EST. 2500h experience playing in beta tribes pvp official ofc. I focused mainly on the island but am quite familiar with all of the maps more or less except for parts of Abb and Valg. I prefer to play base side or scout when not farming, crafting bullets, tending to crops and gatchas, meat/berry runs usually while breeding which is my all time favorite. I really tend to geek out over lines and breeding for stats. I tend to work quite a bit so I try to get my better half to help out when it comes to imprinting or raising, even though cryopods are now a thing I think a lot of the time breeders have become lazy and you see cryfridges full of baby/juvi. Unfortunately my friends I used to play with are gone from the game and I'm raring to go for Genesis looking for a good tribe to mingle with.
  11. ISO tribe Played on PS4 for approx. 2k hours looking for PC tribe can do pretty much anything.
  12. Looking to join I can pretty much do anything needed of me unless its pvp I'm pretty bad at that one but other than that i can do pretty much anything i have about 2400 hours on ark in total some of those are on xbox about 200 or so unfortunately I'm still in school so i only have about 5 or 6 hours a day (GMT-6) from 4 or 5 pm to 10 or 11 pm to play but in that time i can grind as much as needed I just got back into the game recently after not playing for almost a year mainly because of time i can get a character up to level 60 or so this weekend when x2 xp is on.
  13. Farmer Mo Hello, Been floating around a little, looking for a cool tribe to play with. Ive only played PvE so far on the Island mostly and recently on the center. Looking to get into tech, some of it is still new to me.
  14. Looking for tribe Sup guys, im decent at the game and wanna start tribing up. What server you guys on?
  15. Looking to Join I started playing ark on jan 1st 2017 on ps4, and ark mobile jan 17 2019 on mobile. now (jan 14 2020) i just bought the game on pc. I've been in various alpha tribes and consider myself an experienced player. I like farming, building and taming.
  16. Looking to Join I am 20 years old from NA. I have a lot of official experience and unofficial experience. I have 3k hours and I can play 8-12 hours on most days. Discord: JackTR#1756 EMAIL
  17. Looking to join I've put in close to 400 hours ( i know it is not the 1500+ some people have) on Official Servers but have never joined a large tribe. This was a long time ago, so I would be starting over with a new character. I don't mind farming and I want to see what it is like playing with other people, raiding, etc. Let me know if that is enough to join. I've played on the Island, the Center and Ragnarok and Scorched Earth
  18. GAMERANGER HIS INTRODUCTION Introduction Hi, I played ARK for 1457 hours, most of it was smalls, but now I want to try official. I am interested in breeding but i dont mind grinding ressources or taming too. Im also good at defending and i am level 90. i played also on ext/rag/center/abb Discord: GAMERANGER#9068
  19. Interested in joining. I have a lot of experience. 1611 hours total play time. I've played this game since alpha.
  20. looking to jon yo im looking for tribe to join on pc ive been playing ps4 ark for about a year and a half with abput 1500-2000 hours but have no one to play with if i can join just hit me up on discord
  21. YeahMan-_- Introduction hi ive been playing ark since it came out but now im going to start on pc and i can do anything you want because ive spent hours doing it all before ill just really like a tribe to be with my discord is Yeah Man#7415
  22. Intro Very Experienced players. me and my friend are looking to join a tribe.we was on legacy servers with amazing breeding lines and tek bases on all maps, but unfortunately them servers are closing. if you take us in you will have an amazing duo which will take care of your breeding lines and of course help out with all other chores. We work hard, grind hard, tame hard and breed even harder lol. not looking to join a fresh tribe, would rather get involved with a tribe that already have a good setup and are looking to add value to their tribe. add me on steam or discord. Steam ID bradleycollis Discord bradleycollis#7780
  23. Duddus's introduction Hello my name is Duddus ive been playing ark for a while. I am new to ark on PC though only 50 hours. I have 400+ hours on PS4 and looking to learn and improve. I'm 16 and EST my discord is Raven71#9405
  24. Mr2Mellow's introduction Hi, im a 23 year old guy living in the netherlands, i got 3,5k hours on PC where from most are from officials/smalltribes so i know the drill. played MTS unofficials but got kinda bored of it.
  25. mindah's introduction hi all my name is amine living in Italy, I recently start playing ARK, since it went out I was waiting to play it but unfortunately it was expensive, but I got it with a really nice reduction so here I am and I'm looking for active players to play with otherwise it's not good haha see ya
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