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S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. My names Dylan (24 years old). Been playing Ark for what I'm guessing would be around 1,000 hours between PS4 and PC. My buddies and I recently got raided so I figured it'd be better to join a tribe that actually has quite a few people in it to help the progress. Anyways, I'm always on after work. My Discord is Pope#9000, it's best to reach me there.
  3. Hey! Ive been playing ark for a few years, but never really played PvP just a lot of PvE, looking to start playing some PvP as it looks interesting, im in UK with good connection, im able to do grinding or whatever's needed, disc Monke#6030
  4. Sort of new in a sense that i havent played on pc before, but im looking for a active tribe of ppl that chill and help each other out, voice coms. Just good vibes, i like the aspect of taming and breeding and ive got burnt out on world of warcraft, but ive played runescape, swtor, ff14, and just started dabbiling into eve. My discord is Mohmoh#6613
  5. I used to play for hours on Xbox. Beat 3 maps several years back. Now I got a PC an I'm looking to play with a real tribe. Just looking to be a gatherer to be honest. Hit me up on discord. Humb1esniper117#8996
  6. AGE : 14 Region: OCE. Im good at: PVP, Taming, Farming. Last time I checked I have around 1.5k hours. I have a undying perseverance I wont give up unless I die trying. My last Alpha tribe got insided and everyone gave up and played other games but I had other plans.
  7. Hello I'm 44 and play ARK since 2017 Have 10 500 h Ingame and looking for a tribe to join possible for ARK II Mischa#1146
  8. inicie hace apenas poco tiempo en el juego pero ya tengo algo de experiencia domando algunos dinos y criándolos especialmente, soy activo entre momentos de la semana pero las tardes estoy más tiempo conecto la mayor parte del tiempo Discord Kukulcan #6945
  9. 28, have played most maps on official, lvl 92 character, grind, tame, pvp, stay online and base defend whatever is needed by the tribe. looking to boss fight and pvp. looking to not have to restart every week
  10. i have 2000 hours on xbox and switched to pc but ive always played keyboard and mouse and i want to grind with a tribe, i have a start on a small tribes. im 15 and ready to play ark small tribes.
  11. im pretty new to the game i have 0 experience in pvp but i have 2000+ hours on ps4 havent played since geneises 1 came out and i just switched to pc im 15 years old
  12. Hello, I am interested in the joining the tribe. I took a year brake from ark but interested in playing ark again. I have 3500 hours. I can play 5 hours a day+ and more definitely on the weekend. I played everymap besides gen2. I am pretty decent at PVP and Farming. Discord Green#7228 I am a very chill understand person. I am 25 years old
  13. i just switched over to pc from playstation and its been rough i just wanna pvp and make new friends i had about 7k hours on playstation played in a big tribe called skynet im 19 years old and my discord is $ai#9271
  14. Hello, I'm 33 English speaking male. Been playing solo for a while(1000+ hours) on the Island map. I know the basics of everything including breeding/mutations. I'd like to beat the games bosses but it takes too long solo so looking for PVE group. PVP could be fun too, havnt tried it.
  15. Hi my name is mega I started playing ark since it has came out I would say my favorite thing to do in the game is grind mats i have 1501 hours into the game i stoped playing for a while and want to get back into it. I have not played since they added the mek. i used to play a decent amount of official legacy i was in a alliance called the Coalition. i have a lvl 51 character on official server. i am 20 years old i would say im a chill person who kind of goes with the flow. my discord name is megagear#1106 hope to hear from you soon :D.
  16. Hi my name is Don Camillo iam 37 i play ark since beginn but i hade a break for almost 2 years and i will start again !! can i join you guys ? it would be awsome my discord name is : Don Camillo©®#6089
  17. Hello my name is Boondock I'm 35 looking for a tribe since I always play solo I have hundreds of hours in the game. My discord is Boondock#7038. GT is KNG Boondock
  18. Hey, if you want to play with us and teach us. Let me know. We’re pretty new to the game. ~200 hour.
  19. Hey Linsey, if you want to play small tribe with me and 2 other friend (m&f around 21) lmk. I added you on discord.
  20. Hey. Me and 2 other of my friends just started playing ark recently. I have about 200 hours on it. My friends have almost the same. We play this game a lot but we just need more people to play with. We are all about 85-95 level. If you’re interested in making friends while grinding on this game add me on discord Kingsterda#4635
  21. Hi my name is Linsey and I have been looking for a nice tribe to join. I am currently lvl 50 but I know lots of tricks to make that go up fast (I currently have engrams left). I am an experienced player and have all of the Ark maps so diverse resources wouldn't be a problem. I enjoy breeding and am pretty good at collecting materials for building supplies, gear, etc. I would love to join this tribe and will do my best to be useful. Linsey#8821
  22. hello, I switched from console to PC and i'm looking for tribe into which i can join . somebody_131#7332
  23. I'm level 95, looking for a tribe to play with and experience the game.
  24. Hello, I am Andy, a very new player who just started playing ark since the free promotion. Have been playing on the official server as a solo player and I wish to join a tribe that could teach me the skills and techniques in surviving the official server. Tho I am pretty fresh, with the guidance and tricks from experienced players I will be able to pick up very fast. Unlocking tek engrams has been my aspiration but making a bunch of good friends playing this game is my ultimate dream. I like farming and I wish to learn more advanced skills in doing them. While I am an Asian, I am able to communicate in English as well. My discord ID is Iamyunotyou#0410

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