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S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Have all expansion but mainly I've played on Rag
  3. Hi I am 24, honestly not that experienced but not a complete noob. Been trying to run it solo but it's just too much haha. Willing to do whatever and grind for the team Scuti#8534
  4. Just started on pc after switching from ps4, have a good 5k+ hours on ps4. I dont mind doing anything and dont care what map it is as long as I have people to talk to or have fun with. Send me a message on discord if you want to play or anything. Discord: XplodNoodle#9548
  5. we are currently 2 or 3 ppl who wanna play ark offical. we still try'd to start as trio and looking for some beta tribes or so but get everytiem raided. i would preffer to talk about more details about our self in discord. you can add me " qtarndt#1506 " i got 6k h+ on ark and a lv 135 char (and much more). feel free to contact me.
  6. Name: LunaAlua (On discord as well) I have over 378 hours of play time, I used to play with my boyfriend and his friends but they got frustrated and quit playing but I've continued playing solo. I've never done a boss raid or anything else, but would love to learn. I have tons of experience building/taming/breeding etc. Id love to find some people to start a new server with and play on! I've been trying to play Genesis Part 1 solo and have actually gotten pretty far, it was hard getting started until I read that you should start in the Ocean first. Timezone: Central Time Zone
  7. 5k+ Hours in ark alot of experience in pvp i passed most of my in game hours in small tribes wanted to put my times on official now , i can build farm pvp breed all of the basic thing in ark . Im very active play alot , im 22 Yo french but can speak english without problem really motivated for official and ready to play .
  8. Name is Bdoe or Sintheticxtac. I've got too many hours on XBOX. I ran a 60 man over there on the X-Play called Meshuggah. We definitely left an imprint but unfortunately couldn't beat the opposing team of gamer chairs. I'm looking to start up here on steam Official. I've been doing the solo thing for a week now and I'm tired of being foundation wiped by a large tribe every day. I'm 34, work full time and don't take any BS. Let me know if you've got room!
  9. Looking for a tribe on PvP official sercers. Have 500+ hours played and 2~5 hours to play daily, timezone GMT+2, all DLCs, Discord user: anonymous28763#6307
  10. We are adults(mid-late 30's), males, American. We have a few thousand hours in Ark on PS4 and over a thousand on PC each, have all DLC for both. Coming back to PC and my brother and I are looking to join a big tribe. We are good grinders/builders/tamers/breeders/etc...we know a bunch of the tricks but we're always open to learn new ones. We're super active, probably 50-60 hours a week each. Played on Hardcore on-and-off on PS4 for a few years so we got used to not dying, lol. Let us know if recruitment is still open.
  12. Hello, I'm Samuel, I'm Spanish, I'm 17 years old, I have 2k hours in ark on ps4 and 500 in steam, I have all the dlcs on steam, and I would like to be able to join the tribe, greetings. Discord: Samu#0099
  13. me and a friend a searching for a active tribe we both have 2k + hours from eu and play most of the time 6 hours a day let me know
  14. breeder,farmer,builder and experienced but foot pvp is bad:[ sotoko#2654
  15. Looking to join to find new people to play with as many of my friends have quit. Discord is Vairn#7361
  16. Coming back to the game, decently experienced, down to grind, farm, raid etc.
  17. I can provide my steam ID and I can prove my worth by taming and breeding as much as we need. Willing to wake up in the middle of the night for multiple breeds. I will play an average of 3 hours a day almost guaranteed. Sometimes ill play 10 hours idk
  18. hi im new to ark but im a quick learner in these kinds of games andim looking for tribe to join to make the experience a little more immersive. my discord is: itsjustdwight#4821
  19. I want to Join the Tribe i have 3500 Hours
  20. Haven't played in a while I played on the Island and Scorched Earth. Haven't played any of the maps since then. Have about 2,000 hours of exp but a lot has changed since I last played. Disco: Natedog4 #7679. Let me know what map we are on and I'll start working.
  21. my steam is lordzeus and my discord is LZ#5070 if you have any questions
  22. Hello ive got 6k hours experiance in ark on offical servers ive got bases on gen 2 and abberation im a jack of all trades i can do it all on ark
  23. hello I would like to join the tribe. I am active playing unfortunately new on pc but I have many hours ark on ps4. my discord Scubaru90#0644
  24. I am kind of new to ark and need some one to play with and a server with mods

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