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S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Hey, I wanna start again on official pvp after a short brake im a good builder , an experienced breeder and an really good mana and guerilia pvpler would like to talk about joining and that you can background check me Add Discord: Soul.GM#0038
  3. What's up. Older player just looking for a tribe to join up with, I got a high level character and would like to join. Discord is Lucifer Morningstar#5771.
  4. Hi my name ist Michael, 30 years Young from Ger, 2700h in ark. I realy like to join the tribe and be an part of it.. Pvp/build/farm/breed is what i like my steam 49530471 EndzonE#7204 Discord Endz
  5. Hey. i'm Raf and im 18. I played a lot of ark on ps4 but now want to switch to pc, and im looking for a tribe on unofficial servers with slightly boosted rates, because all my friends play ark on ps4 and i dont want to play solo. My Discord is Rafdelogi#6394 and i own every dlc apart from genesis.
  6. I been playing for a few months now still learning i play on PC im looking to join a massive tribe i farm alot and build and take care of animals my discord is unicorn1987#6676 i don't have a mic yet i play all day im a gamer addict hit me up if you like a new recruit thank you im 33 and i have autism
  7. Hi, we are 2 guys interested to join the tribe to farm and pvp too. We have like 3k hours in play and i started to play ark in pc like a week ago but i have tek and my friend too. We farm a lot and we like to meet more friends and grow up with them. We are from spanish but we can talk english too.
  8. I m 22, German, spent around 3k hours, own all maps and looking for a tribe to join. pvp is my favorite but i like farming and breeding aswell. I play at least 3 hours a day but i need a couple of days to get back into this game. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198308177604 Discord: Hasel#6736
  9. I have been playing Ark for several years now and I have a decent amount of experience but my knowledge trumps it. I am perfectly willing to grind but I will warn you that I have had several disasters while trying to tame bigger and stronger dinos. I have made several wyvern trench runs, with a good argy I can often get 6-8 eggs in one go. I'm also decent in PVP, but I've never really been the boots on the ground, primarily I've been on a argy or wyvern providing air superiority and blasting any enemies on the ground with lightning. I'm decent in dogfighting but I also have several ideas for h
  10. hey i want to join into your tribe ive been playing ark about 4years in ps4 and i want to play in pc from now on discord: Meti#2736
  11. Hey, I have 1.6 k hours in the game. im not the best at PvP but okey. my discord is Cowboy#5576
  12. Heyy I'm glass, I'm a 15yr old lil swedish boy however I speak English very well. I got sum like 300 hours put into the game and I find farming quite relaxing however I am quite sick at PvP so dw abt that. If u need somebody to grind or do sum dirty work then I'm ya guy ;) I've been playing since 2015, but although I was not an active player I have spent a lot of time since watching Youtube playthroughs so I am quite experienced with the game. My Discord is: card#9666 if you're interested in recruiting me :)
  13. Hey im Wonna Join Tribe Something about me: Hey im 12yo and after Voice Mutation, Ark Player im like to join ur tribe Im got 2,400h in ark, good amount of experience at bigger tribes, 14/15h per day CET, im from Poland, Speak English very good, know how to grind and other stuf. If you are interested dm me on discord: VanerZZZッ#6532
  14. Hey i am Bjarne I have 2k hours and a good farmer like to oin u guys because u guys sounds nice and i am a active player If u have more questions u can add me on dc DOG#4542
  15. i have 2700 hours on unoffical, and im looking to join a offical mega tribe. I can farm, pvp and i can sorta build, most of my experience is from unoffical. I cant play as much as i want to in the weekdays, but in the weekends i can usually play a lot longer.
  16. hi guys, i am a semi experienced with ark and would love to join, i have more then 2000 hours in ark. i hope i can mean something to you guys. i can do everything, and play a lot. contact me on discord if you want new tribe members. i also have a group of people that can help. my discord is Mr.cas04#5699
  17. 21 years old and been on pc for a while now but never got around to play official yet. ive switched from xbox and have about 6.6k hours on it so im quick to get used to it. im perform good woth grinding, pvping, base defense builds my discord is Buu#4379
  18. Hello, I'm a guy who is semi experienced with ark and would love to join and farm a lot and also breed a bit
  19. Im 32yrs old been playing Ark on and off since it dropped back in 2015. recently switched over to PC from Xbox 4.5k + hrs. PVP PVE RP Modded... little of everything. mostly solo looking for some people to play with and get back into ARK with!
  20. Coming from ps4. Over 2000 hours looking to put some time into ark on pc and just chill out and grind
  21. Hello, me and my friend wanna join you because we like to farm and help to get the tribe in an god position. We are german but can talk and understand english very good, a good argument to speak german is we can understand an speak with more people in ark. We both have alot of experiance in pvp, farming, breeding and even building. I hope we can help and join the tribe, we both got 2k hours+ and are excited to play with you. Discord: maximusptimr349#7556 , Kilian#2845
  22. Hello, my Name is Patric I got already 2kh on Ark and I got all DLC. I would like to join your server, because small tribes got bored for me. My Discord:Patrick575#7622
  23. Hi. Curious what server do I look up to find this tribe? Ready to start a survivor on a server rather than on my own :)
  24. Used to play ark in xbox, and have between xbox and pc about 1.7k hrs know breeding, crafting, farming and did pvp, with the pandemic i work from home so can play most time in the day and weekends. There are 2 friends of mine that are new to the game and im teaching them how to play so i would like to play and have a nice time with more ppl, i believe that being part of a big tribe will help them to learn the game super quick and have a good time in game with more people. my discord id is Kaos Maximo#9085 thnks!
  25. my discord is fortnitewasfun12345#5386

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