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S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Meeee Hello have played ark for a while. 1800 ish hours. Favorite map is rag. Most of the time has spent solo but as we all know solo sucks and forward progression is hard. i like to farm and would love to join !
  3. About me Hello i would like to join your tribe im an active Player almost every day im ok with farming breeding and doing everything that is needed - Im 17 years and Living in Germany - I have 750h in ARK - i didnt played offical in the last year and would like to start again ( played most on boosted/modded Servers ) my discrd tag is CC#1753 would be awesome if you would accept me
  4. Intro Haven't played ARK in a bit but I have quite a bit of time on this game, so i'm experienced in every aspect. I've played every map besides Valguero. I'm an Adult with Adult things to do so for Time Management the only time i'll more than likely be available is 1pm - 9pm EST. Hopefully ya'll can accept me as a new member, for I am looking forward to getting back into ARK and becoming Alpha. (Remaining vague for a reason i'll let loose if I get an interview)
  5. GOON Hi, looking to join a tribe and get back into ark again been away for about a year or so but would like to start again. Love the grind and breeding. I am 18 and have a lvl 82 character with tek grams if needed Discord is: BuzzKill1274#2032
  6. Introduction Hello all, I'm Stim! I've been playing ARK on and off for several years now. I think my steam profile has something in the neighborhood of 600 hours +/-. I don't really think that number reflects my total hours spent playing as I've hopped around from platform to platform. In any case, most of my time was unofficial with small tribes and friends that generally experienced the game with slightly increased rates. I figured now might be a good time for me to go official so I wont be transferring in with anything. I'm a full time collage student veteran so my time is largely split between my family and school. That schedule does allow me to be online pretty regularly. I have experience with just about everything from grinding, to breeding, and building. Where I lack experience is boss's on official and the general tempo of the game on official settings. My discord is Stim#8189 if you need to contact me. Hope to hear from everyone soon.
  7. Introduction Looking to join a Tribe. Im 28 years old from the Netherlands. Been playing ark for 2 years mostly solo on official pvp all maps and i have tek unlocked. Been playing a bit on unofficial to but that gets boring really fast. Looking to join a tribe to experience tribe life in Ark. Im available most evenings and weekends during the day. PSN: Ymbro117
  8. Looking to join Ia m 26 from Portugal, active player, been playing since the game come out. I am good at any task. from farming to building, all pvp oriented. My discord is : Carlmage123#3628
  9. need tribe male,UK,7000 hours,18 old,mega tribe experience,experience in everything. looking to join tribe but would want little bit of information Discord - A1DAN#5774 i know how to get stuff done fast, havent played really in last 2 weeks due to undermeshed
  10. Introduction Hello, I'm a 16 year old from the United States. I have 950 hours. I'm competent in just bout everything in this game, so I'll be a good team asset.
  11. Why did I get kicked out I just want to know why I got kicked out of the Discord
  12. wanna join Aboute my self: i'm 15 years old coming from sweden have aboute 600h total if we count whit my steam account who got hacked. i have school in the wekend and some practise but are online whenever else. BTW my typing isn't the best. The thing is i wanna join this tribe cause i miss the old times when i was in a big tripe so i can tribute whit a lot when i am online and i like to follow orders from people so i know what i can help whit and stuff like that. If u guys wanna know anything special or something more or if i can join the tripe, I am always active on discord when I'm awake so here is it if u wanna contect me: WeirdWolfs#6288
  13. Looking to join You guys still looking for members? I'm 22, got 6000 hrs+ on the game. Experience in multiple different tribes, took a break from the game 1.5 years ago looking to find a tribe to play in
  14. OkiJay 15 Year old from the UK, several 100 hours on PC and xbox on pvp official servers, used to be apart of a alpha tribe on xbox official until i stopped playing the game. Currently coming back from a 1 year+ hiatus from Ark but remember it well
  15. mucho gusto me llamo orlan!!! fui alfa en ps4 pero me aburri de los controlos y lo deje... vine a pc porque tenia dos amigos apenas empezando, duramos mucho siendo solo 3. pero la verdad nos gustaria estar con mas gente porque jugar solo es algo aburrido, me gustaria poder avanzar mas, me gustaria poderme unir y luego presentarles a mis amigos para que los puedan invitar tambien. muchas gracias por su atencion, un cordial saludo mio. pdt: tengo 21 años
  16. About myself Im 19 years old, and i have been playing ark for a few years now, i have played on ps4 alot, and also some pc. I have played on the island, ragnarok, scorched earth (which i dont have on pc), the center and valguero. I have been part of a mega tribe once called ssb on ps4. I have some experience with pvp, mainly base defences but i've also done some small raids. i can pretty much do everything from farming to breeding. Thats about it i think...
  17. grifster


    me he i would liuke to join i am 20 years old have 2500 hours on pc for ark just wanna have some fun with an bigger tribe again
  18. About Myself I am 16 I've been playing ark for awhile now looking for a tribe I've played on ps4 before pc and I've been in a couple mega tribes on ps4(Gridlock, vVv, EVBH) I have played on every map and my favorite map is abb My discord is: Josef0903-YT#7435
  19. A little about me I have played quite a bit, i took a long break right before extinction came out, I have a high lvl character and im looking for a new tribe to join. Contact me on discord; Mentality#9105
  20. https://discord.gg/qNe7Y5
  21. TheoP321 hi I would like to join your tribe I, im getting back in ark after a 2 year break. but I can gather and tame and some other things. im decent at pvp, my discord is TheoP321#4095
  22. Discord link has expired hey, could you toss me another discord link, that one seems to be expired
  23. hey man, it looks like that invited expired
  24. Senpi


  25. Intro Whats good? I've been playin ark off and on since release on PS4, no clue how many hours, probably +1000 all PVP, large tribe at first, was alpha of our server, could fight off mega tribes with 10 people and tard strength gigas. Joined UC Gaming, Left UC gaming, bought a PC, Just got ark a week ago, lookin for a tribe to help out, I wont be on all the time cause I have school stuff to do, but I'd like to play in my spare time with some chillers.
  26. Senpi


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