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S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.


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  2. Aplication dear G00N leader, I am a new player to ark and I only have 30 minutes playing but I am a good team member and I would prefer to be a part of a tribe than be alone so please accept me into your tribe thank you, r0nn0c9
  3. Application Hi i wanted to join the tribe, i have 90h on pc but smth around 1k hours on ps4 also i have alot of experience in pvp so i would like to get an answer on this disc: vemnox#4322
  4. Looking to join a Community Hello, I am a 30 year old male that has over 300 hours on Ark, i am looking to join a community of people to fully enjoy Ark with, in the past i have played with a small tribe of random people i meet when i first enter a server and also tried with some friends on a rented server in the past but it never works out because we never grow to a size larger than 4 people and normally only 2 of them active most days and i was one of them and if i take a break all my stuff decays not to mention being raided offline if its a PVP server My interests are gathering resources to build and craft new items then to have a break from that i like to go hunting for meat or loot. I look forward to joining this community, my discord is Ramorak#5332 P.S i do not have any of the paid DLC but i will consider getting in the near future.
  5. Application Application 20 years old, I have around 200 hours on pc and looking to pvp and kick ass. my discord is TreeBreak#4727
  6. Looking for Tribe ... could this be the one ? Got most of the maps, interested in playing in any reasonably supportive community. I've got a little over 3600 hours on the PC... happy to grind... tame.... build... run caves.... etc etc. with the Covid-19 lockdown.... I have some time on my hards :)
  7. Application I Would like to join your tribe I've got only 139 hours on pc but have 3300 hours on xbox and would like to join your tribe and enjoy pc with your tribe discord:v3ng3r_danger#1968
  8. Application hey, im 15 years old, i have 700 + hours in ark. I dont have a lot of experience with official ark. i have mostly played on unofficial with my freinds. But they are all burned out, so im ready for a new challenge. I like breeding, pvp taming and a buch more, hope i get accepted discord Corona demokratiet#0827
  9. I am 15 years old, I have 1500 hours between ps4 and pc and I need a tribe, I am good at breeding, building and pvp. Discord: Nico_93-_-#3328
  10. Application I am 19 years old, I have over 1700 hours on ps4 and have recently moved to pc and I need a tribe, I am good at taming and breeding and building and pvp my discord is Mr_faguette#1570
  11. TRIBE I am 15 years old. have around 2k hours between platforms, know pretty much everything you need to know about the game.Discord is : PeTe#2155
  12. want to join Gt: spaceman2 discord; jordan#8289 i am sixteen with close to 1k hours down to grind
  13. Willing To Join I have been playing ark for three years and have learned countless strategies and knowledge, a few months ago I left my mega tribes which was called "The Order Of The Black Sky" Dont know if you heard of it or not but it was spread across two offical servers on the island and a ragnarok server. It recently got insided which resulted in a disband which im pretty bummed about but I really want to get back in the action of playing competitive ark again. I have a lot of experience from doing swamp cave runs to conducting raids. And I am always willing to tame and grind if I need to. I am active every day from 12PM to 9 so I am basically a no lifer. So please hook me up if your interested or if you want to ask more questions. My disc is SexyRexy#4423 and my steam is SexyRexy
  14. Hello I'd like to join your tribe. I've played 1.2k hours on official servers. As far as my map experience goes, I've played TheIsland, SE, Ragnarok, and Extinction. Can PVP/Breed/Farm tributes or anything else basically Age: 21 Time Zone: GMT+10 Discord: lil yoghurt#3156
  15. Looking to join Stablished cluster. 3k+ hours experience building pvping, breeding farming taminng, raiding, defeding you name it i most likely got it. 23 years old.
  16. I will help the tribe to grow! Hello! My name is José, im 18 yers old and I have more than 3k hours of Ark in PS4. I decided to migrate to the PC due to fps and graphics. I'm Brazillian looking for a foreign tribe, because you are much more organized and focused. My biggest goal is growth the tribe and evolve. And of course, make new friends :D.
  17. Looking to join Hey, im looking to join the tribe. Im an Adult, 31, from UK, Chill Pretty Experienced player, have 3k+Hours on Xbox and a few hundred on PC. Just recently got back into the game after a long break, playing solo atm but its no fun without a tribe. I have all DLC's and mostly played Official PVP Good Grinder/ Builder. Can Breed + Tame and half decent at PvP. Have played in Big established tribes before and also built up from scratch. Discord is Sorsa_#5059
  18. APEX24


    REC DC Apex#5941 i used to be on ps4 hand over 600h been in salty Mafia mega tribe on there i stopped playing because of work got a better job now got more time to play just want to play on PC getter graphics and no lag that much i can do pretty much anything farm tame raid all but dont have much time to breed dinos as got like 5 to 6 h to play after work live in UK
  19. application hey im a 32 yr old from north east usa. i have played on private servers for 1000+ hrs. would love to get back into the game with a group. discord tag Nimbol#3532
  20. i want to join Morde#5293 is my discord i would love to join the tribe -i Farm -i PVP -i can raid -i can take orders/directions
  21. Application I am just going to submit my reddit post lol... I am looking to join a tribe me and some buddies have always played ark since the day it came out on Xbox. I transferred over to PC and now have so much more fun than Xbox. I have lots of experience except the new map Genesis...I can play up to 6-10 hours a day great at PvP. Astonishing builder and very mature as well I am 18 and would love to join a decently built up tribe or some that are getting started add me on discord at Vengeful#0780.
  22. application Im 18 with over 750hrs and a level 85 character on official. I mainly played solo on the island, Ragnarok and a bit on extinction. I want to play with other people as playing solo gets boring plus i get wiped too often by bigger tribes. Discord is Mati123979#3465
  23. introducing returning player to official from playing official small tribes. still have lvl 90 char 1800hours of experience. good at farming, average to good pvp, decent building and no breeding. timezone : CET discord: Tijntje#1065
  24. Intro Mature moderately experienced player with 1500+ hours. Been playing solo the whole time and i'm pretty sick of being wiped. I've mainly only played The Island, The Center, Scored and rag maps. Ready to contribute where ever possible i play between the hours of 6am-12pm EST. My discord is Dahstig88#6022
  25. Ready to Join experienced player looking for a place to call home. i am versed to do what the tribe needs. i am 24 from NA 2k hours and ready so start
  26. Introduction Im 18 from the UK ive played since release on ps4 just recently got a pc i am very experienced in everything but pvp just looking for a tribe with people who like ark and enjoy the grind My discord is Trayvon#1568
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