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S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Hey im Alex, I have close to 200 hours on ark split between pc and xbox, I just recently wanted to start playing on actual servers but it’s difficult solo even on small tribes. I know alot about the game and how to progress, I can fill any role in a tribe and I also have every dlc
  3. i have played all maps with more time in valguero and genesis i can communicate in english on discord
  4. ChrisRockz#5456 Lone wolf has been a blast. Got a good handle of the game then bought the next three expansions. LF mates for bosses and a good time.
  5. Hello, I'm nick and I have 900 hours but I haven't played in a long time and I'm looking to get into it again with a cool community.
  6. I am Mcatt26, I have 2kish hours on PC and PS4 combined. I stopped playing back over the summer, and haven't played since then. I have played mostly Ragnarök and Valguero, but would be able to base anywhere. I am a grinder, PvPer, Breeder, builder, I can do it all. I play 5-8 hours a day. Need a stable home where hard work is not lost to griefers. I have Genesis season pass but have not played the new map. Ready to get back into ARK. Edit: Discord - BetaTester#1985
  7. Hello I'm looking to find some people to play with 500 hours of play time farmer and taming are my favorite past times but don't mind building or gathering. Discord Jaytyan Steam Jaytyan12
  8. I am a verry active player I have about 600+ hours on the game (Most being in small tribes), I am verry active and I am looking for a tribe Mrconvas#4979
  9. Hey Austin My discord is SlapShoot44#2695 I’m A similar player as far as hours played, as well as the hours on xbox verses pc. I’m finding it difficult to find a tribe I’ll be on later tonight around 5pm eastern time if your interested in trying to find a tribe together.
  10. Hey i have 1.4k hours of pvp experience and i play on all dlcs I like doing all the stuff i can do for the tribe, but i like defences/raids the most. My discord tag is Nikgamer_02#7860.
  11. Hello, this tribe sounds pretty cool so I'd like to join it, I have around 1k hours and have a lot of time to spare, I like killing bosses and my specialty is breeding My discord is Red Imposter#4154
  12. Looking to join tribe pvp pc offcial i have steam. im a day 1 vet i have most of the content but not all. i have about 2k hours maybe more between steam and xbox. i can grind hard love to make ammo. can pvp breed, tame, upkeep, and make defenses i never insided any1 in my whole ark career im 27yr old and very mature.
  13. Heyo, I have about 500 hours of solo ark on PC, and 1000 hours on ps4 until I sold it to get my PC. I'm an active farmer and a tamer I'll play for 7-8 hours straight, but I'm also pretty good with pvp. I'm also a pretty sneaky wyvern snatcher. I've played on most maps, I dont have Genesis. And I haven't tried Crystals Isles yet. But I have all other DLCS. My discord is Cookies#4991
  14. What’s up... looking for a big tribe to farm, build, tame and pvp for. Played mostly on rag, center, ab, extinction. Discord is OnDeathRoe#8885
  15. Hi, my name is vini I'm not the most experienced player but I'm good at base defence and I enjoy farming, taming and breeding. I've recently moved from ps4 to pc so I don't know any players. I want to join a tribe so I can meet new player as well as having fun. Discord - vinitomas#6377
  16. I am Korean. I am not good at it, but I want to learn little by little and work together. I'll do my best. I have played 1800 hours and am good at combat. It also collects resources well. I will do really really hard. I don't want to be alone anymore. [ Kan#3854 ]
  17. 안녕하세요 제이슨입니다 나는 PC 2000 시간을 플레이 할 수 있지만, 벽을 쌓을 수는 없지만 ... 내 시간은 한국 이야.이 글을 봤 잖아. 글을 써주세요 (Jason. # 0002) ❤
  18. djspiller@yahoo.com is the email attached to my discord.
  19. Me and my friend looking to join were both NA have over 1k Hours on ps4 on pc 200 we get poop done hmu in discord StrinX#4052
  20. I have about a 1000 hours between PC and XBox. I've just decided to come back to the game after a three year hiatus. Primarily I would like to build and gather resources. I'll tend to the base and do chores and such. But, building is my passion. Building a new base or outpost, designing a better dino garage, egg factory, or work area. Building a taming raft or a cool monument to the tribe. I just want to design and build stuff that looks cool but is functional. And I'll gather the materials to do it. I do not like to tame or breed though. I have plenty of experience breeding and will help out
  21. Hello I've been solo on ark for a while and im looking to get back into a tribe. I have a lot of time at home so i figured it would be a great time. Im level 112 and trans tp and rep so im good to go. Looking forward to meeting the team Thanks Add me on discord for more BigRed#8964
  22. I’m 30 and I’ve played roughly 5000 hours on PS4 and 1000 on PC. I love farming and maintaining the base but I can do anything really. I don’t currently own genesis but I have all the other maps. My Discord is TheGoodfellow#1564 and that would be the best way to contact me

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