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S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. We are looking for a PVP server that will not fight on its own server. We are a clan of 20 people. The main purpose of this game is to make alliances that will keep your own server safe and act together against attacks from outside. We are waiting for offers from clans that will fit this purpose to settle on that server.
  3. Played the game from 2015-20 five years straight on Xbox I was originally from Lost boys one of the first mega tribes established across ark. I have over 12k hours on console and just switched over to pc a little bit ago with 360 hours on this platform now. Looking to get started back up I miss the game a lot I used to be one of the main breeders that’s what I enjoy doing. So if you need a base maintenance bitch and 24/7 breeder feel free to reach out. I can also bring whatever you need. Hit me up my discord is tony_bru. Thanks for taking the time look forward to helping you guys out.
  4. I put like 2000 hours into Survival Evolved, looking to pick the game back up with Survival Ascended with a new tribe. I love hunting and taming the perfect dino and running caves.
  5. Looking for a tribe to join on official. I have over 3500 hours on ASE official PC and can play daily. I am really good at farming, pvping and decent at breeding. I Am 27 Years old, located on NA West coast. I am very chill and get along with people very well. Looking foward to joining your tribe and making new friends. Discord: greeneyes714
  6. I'm blitzzzz and I'm looking for a tribe, I have 450hrs on ps4. I play mostly the island and rag. I have played scorched earth, gen 2, lost island. I like to tame/breed/farm and cave run. Looking to play on ps5 for ascended.
  7. Looking to join a tribe on ps5, I have about 450hrs on ps4. I would like to tame/breed/farm.
  8. Have around 2-3k hours on evolved although I havnt played the game in like a year maybe 2, watching videos of the ark ascended has gotten me wanting to play, I was great at pvp and know alot about the game, im 27 from uk. Can play every day and have lots of free time. Here is my discord snakeyjakey69420
  9. havnt played since Gen on Xbox im now on PC i have over 268 days on Xbox alone. Lookin to join back up. Ive had my hands on breeding , farming , PvP ect Discord - tnfd Xbox - ImTnFD Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198135203567
  10. havnt played since Gen on Xbox im now on PC i have over 268 days on Xbox alone. Lookin to join back up. Ive had my hands on breeding , farming , PvP ect
  11. Hello, I play on pc, Ark Evolved. Can PVP if needed but would like to just have chill farming sessions.
  12. Have played Small Tribes and Unofficial for years on Survival Evolved on both PS4 and PC. Looking to join a large, active PC tribe on Official for a new experience going into ASA. Experience with farming, breeding lines, and building. Play frequently and consistently and have Discord (DC: krygir).
  13. hi there, im 42 years old and from belgium i have over 4k hours in ark but mostly PVE i have done alot off farming and bteeding and now want to try out pvp , i dont mind being a farm bitch for me its kinda chill todo
  14. Hi I normally play on Playstation. Looking for a tribe to play with for a month or more. I am farmer and breeder and have played since beta on playstation. just need to fill the void.
  15. I am 25 years old. I have over 4k hours on ASE. I can play 5-10+ hours daily. I am very mature, chill and fun person. Discord Elysi4n#7228
  16. I've played a lot over the years from day one on the xbox I'm 27 and play almost everyday on pc
  17. Hello my name is Professor Maka Aka. David. I am a returning player and I am looking to join a Ark Tribe to experience the new ASA drop. I also would like to intreduce my best friend who would also like to join. He too is a returning player and is named Timo. We both have 2 200 Hours and are pretty sollid at the game. We would like to join so we can expirience the Game once more on a offi. My discord is prof.maka and Timos is timo1898. We are both from Germany and play around 3 hours daily with the exeption of weekends whrere we can both play way longer.
  18. Hello! I am a veteran player in Ark, have been playing on and off since the beginning and am SO pumped for Ascended to drop! I usually host my own unofficial or play solo as I don't have any friends that play but I am looking to find a tribe on an official for this go around. My fiancé may also be joining me although he will be fresh to the game if he does. I'd like to think that I am a very good tamer/breeder/builder and feel I can be an asset to any tribe I join. I'd like to know more about this tribe if possible. Thanks!
  19. Recruitment- Xbox PVP we are veteran player wife n husband 1000+ hours, GTAG: SLoPPy SaVAG3 ; AND GrumpyGeese . Plz message xbox or discord: grumpygeese; We have connections for pvp sellers on eBay, just lost 100 tames,20k items after tribe disbanded looking for trustworthy tribe that we can keep high lvl tames with for care, security. Need to rebuild if someone can front some tames for my wife until we obtain next cryo fridge we can split some of the dinos
  20. Hey I used to play on ps4 and was in a mega so I know some stuff about the game Im looking for a tribe now I can do farming and taming and ... and can be active for some decent amount of hours in a day I know english
  21. Hello im a 19 yo M and i have been playing since the game came outi started on xbox and switched to pc i have a total of 2000 hours across xbox and pc i love to grind arb and build
  22. Hey 21 yo, I work from home so I can play quite a bit. Speak English fluent. Pacific Standard time Zone. I love to grind and breeding is probably my favorite, anything grindy really. Also have tons of experience in raiding. I have over 2000+ hours if combing all my accounts on Ps4, Xbox, and PC. My current platform is PC. Got all DLCs. Lemme know if i can help out. Discord:KingSalt#3258
  23. Long time off and on player with 400+ hrs on PC and 1k on xbox since launch. looking to get down with a tribe with at least 5+ players. 32yrs old and i speak english. id like to Play ragnarok but any map is cool! I work from home so im on quite a bit. central timezone. discord: CapnDabn #6271
  24. Hello, im a 16 year old Hungarian guy with 200 hours in ark so im not that experienced. im looking for tribemates because im really bored rn. my discord is buckapatkany#3846
  25. I'm 17yo spanish male with 1k h and a lot of experience in pvp. I usually play small tribes but I would like to try being in a big tribe

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