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S> Active Players. In need of farmers, tamers, breeders, builders and people to run caves. Accepting all types of players (new and experienced). We are aiming to build a colony and make exciting memories. Our discord is active and open to voice chat. Come join! Post up an introduction and a tribe admin will contact you.


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  2. Introduction Hello, My twin brother and I have been looking for a tribe to play with on pc for about a month. We have over 4k hrs on ps4 ark. We are older ( in are 30s) Looking for some serious ark players to play with. Let me me know if your interested. Cheers!
  3. are you tho??? since the end of 2019 not even a reply... so i must thinks this tribe is done
  4. Intro Intro Age: 21 Time In Ark: 360 Why: i played PvP and love the idea of a PvP server and tribe, looking to do basicly everything i can in ark, from tame to breed to farm to raid I played with friends but they all quit after a raid and because they had exams and stuff like that, i hope i can make friends in ark and create a tribe to have fun together :)
  5. Sorry to bother ,but any chance I can get an inv? Posted an intro already ,just trying to stir some activity here
  6. Bangarang I'm Bangarang I have been jumping servers looking for a good fit was in a tribe called fallen but they all disband or something. I'm on every night farming and taming I'm on a pvp server atm but willing to jump anywhere
  7. Recruitment info I'm Jayme , or in game " Oogh " - Like the cave man. Im level 103 or something (Its been a while since I played) Im have a lot of exp in fights (I led a 30 man tribe that backed TPG in a lot of big battles) and I am non toxic (To tribemates ,but raiding is another story) I quit playing for a while due to personal reasons ,and most of my tribe was scattered and fell apart ,the few that where left just kinda quit ,so I want to come back with a fresh start! It has been a while since I have played ,but Im sure I still have most of it down pat. I can breed. When I say I can breed ,I mean war mounts. Not half cooked mounts that will get blown away. I just wanna destroy our enemies and farm things from the back of my favorite dinos, while making some friends. Oh ,I should mention I mostly have island and extinction experience ,but I know rag and valg well enough to raid them Lets have some fun ,yeah?
  8. Axis Application Good Morning / Evening Introducation: 18 Years old 434 Hours, not much compared to others but i know how to play I prefer to Farm but am also quite Happy to Tame and Breed Ect. Most Experienced on Valguero Looking to join a tribe as i find it more fun to play with others and i enjoy the conversation and working as a team Discord ID: Axis#8287 Thanks for your consideration, Axis
  10. Introduction Ark Experience: -4,700 Hours -2,000 from Official/Small Tribes and the rest modded servers. I can Tame/Farm/Breed/Raid/Build. (I can do pretty much everything because I was solo most hours.) -Most of my map experience is on Valguero, Ragnarok, Extinction, and Genesis. Strong communicator especially when raiding since it is crucial and the reason I am wanting to join a tribe is because I am tired of living an unhealthy life by solo'ing on Official and Small Tribes. I get tired of playing 3 days straight and coming back on to have my base(s) offlined. I am sure you can relate. Steam User ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198101569590/ Discord ID: Pure#0523 I shouldn't be to much of a burden joining and I am very open minded. Also I am 23 years old if that matters.
  11. sobre mi hola, soy jugador activo de ark ofline, solo juego mapas gratuitos, me gusta divertirme jugando
  12. I have a question, if u decide me to join the tribe where will i know it? in discord or just here?
  13. Lekim intro Hi i'm Lekim; I'm 18 yo, i am from Spain and i've around 1,5k hours in ark PVP between PS4 and PC, i just wanna return to the game a couple of years later, i would like to be a breeder, but i also farm a lot, i can play a lot of time every day, and i'm so active, i have no friends that play ark now on pc so i would apreciate if i join the tribe. Greetings. My discord id is: Lekim#0295
  14. Rascal1 Application. Hi, Rascal here. I'm 38 and I have around 900 hours on Ark, PVP and PVE. I have been away from the game for a couple of years so there has been a lot changes i'm catching up on. I should be able to get on most week nights for a few hours and then get a good session in over the weekend. I'm down to help out doing whatever and i'm looking forward to having a laugh with you all. Cheers My discord: Benji82#1067
  15. Orome's Introduction What to say about myself? I'm about to turn 35 y/o. Only have 150+ hours or so between PC and XBOX in ARK. Bulk of my time in PC has been single player after having downtime from catching Covid. I would like to learn more about PvP on official servers. I just started today on a random official and have had a pretty fun time with it. Going to be returning to work soon, so probably won't be on 12+ hours a day anymore. I would like to take a casual yet daily approach of gathering and/or building and tending to the tames. I'll leave the hunting and combat operations to the pro's unless I get that sudden itch to join the fray. Not sure what else to say, so feel free to ask me if you would like. Discord: Orome721 #5075
  16. Desert's intro Hello, I go by the name Desert, I have 2k hours in this game, however, they are split between PC and Xbox. I'm looking to join a big tribe, I am active daily for no less than 5 hours, my time is EU, however I don't mind playing NA. I am experienced in the game as a whole, PVP, building, taming, defending, breading, grinding. My discord: Desert#8583
  17. Intro of SatStyle Experienced Player with 2.8k hrs, love breeding and pvping. Can farm and build. Love the game in many ways would love to help out new players and breed as much as possible. Discord: FS | SatStyle#6603
  18. Intro of Cinak I am a relatively new player that has started playing recently around 40 hours but I have a pretty good understanding of the game and have been familiar with it for years. But almost all the time I only have been in my tribe solo. I have played on ragnarok Aberration and the isle all pvp and a small bit of pve crystal isles. also my discord should be cinak #1805
  19. Grinder looking for a good tribe to work for I'm an older guy, and just like to farm resources all the time. Get me a grinding partner and you will be very happy with my output. I don't care about rank or becoming admin, I just want to be part of a chill group. I've been a part of a lot of bigger tribes and megalliances on xbox, and most of them turned uber toxic which turned me away. My steam name is noplex4life, add me/message me for any and all offers. Thank you.
  20. Your discord link is invalid
  21. Introduction I have 5.9k hours on pc, mostly the island, but ive played on every map
  22. Introduction Hello, I have 100 hours played on pc, been playing a lot recently. I don't know much about other maps except the island but i plan on learning them. I'm active and can't wait to see how it is to play in a tribe.
  23. Introduction Hello, I am an experienced console player (250+ hours) but I am new to PC and therefore have yet to level up a character. I have played solely PVP where for a short time our tribe was joint alpha. I have been leader and co-leader in tribes but have limited governing skills however i have decent knowledge and would have no trouble getting newer players familiar with the game. I am available to play for a couple of hours a day. I have played on Island, Ragnarok, Centre, Valguero, Scorched Earth and Extinction. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  24. Vegeto


    Intro Hi, im looking for something new, I always use to be a the leader of a tribe of 7-10 dude/girls, when something to alpha on multiple server( back in the days 2-3 years ago ) I have 4.5k hours of play on xbox, in the map center/island/ragnarok/scorched/aberation. I want to join you guys, I started on PC 2 weeks ago and its hard to fine someone to play with and that actualy want to do something XD Im a huge grinder! Love boss fight. I never really use much Tek, since 2-3 years ago is wasnt fully operationnal Anyway let me know if your willing to try me, discord MokMok#4391
  25. Introduction Hey there, My name is overboard(Richard), dutch guy i have played ark for about 1300+ hours mostly pvp, started when beta came out. after that i didnt play for a few years but i want to get back in the game and have some fun. i can farm, build, breed, find my self high lvl tames, pvp and i dont give up easy. willing to learn new things i noticed al lot of changes in the game. hope to hear from you. greets Overboard
  26. Introduction. I played 1k+ hours on sp offline. I know the maps and beat a few bosses. Now playing online 3 weeks but i'm not so good at hiding my stuff and get offline raided all the time. I can farm, breed, build and i'm a great scout. Enthusiastically awaiting your response.

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