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  1. Everytime i try to join my friends player dedicated server it loads Primalgamedata_BP, Then it says join failed, And under ark it has a - next to how many people are there. But the numbers wrong. Then rarely it'll show the correct number of peope with no - and i can join, Please help!
  2. My name is jamie, Do i love dodos? YESS I been trying to find a tribe who i can stay with forever, And your tribe seems perrfect Im from the uk, But i play ark all day and night
  3. Primalgamedata_BP

    Everytime i try to join my friends player dedicated server it cant get past primalgamedata_BP, And on the ps4 homescreen under ark it'll have a - ( example ) -22 / 28 players, but when the - isnt there i can join? Please help!