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  1. First: It's ARK Second: You are very close to minimum specs. Get a console or upgrade your PC, don't wxpect this set up to run ASA in a decent way.
  2. It is baffling how understaffed the CS team is and that they sell a product worldwide but only support during local hillbilly time. Got to say, when my toon got tp'ed outside the ark, they helped me first thing the next working day. That was monday evening to me so I only was stuck for almost 3 days... Still, within their limitations excelent service! My recent experience was simply insulting and not handled by the usual ASE support team but one of the well known names in the company, accusing me of breaking rules without any proof... So no way I can ever applaud the WC Studio team for "superb performance" if the STUDIO staff is rude and displays a totalitair dictatorial attitude towards customers.
  3. Ok... I have had both good and lately also very poor experiences with the support. A well earned "thank you" is good nice. But... "sustained and superb performance" of WC Studio??? Sorry my dear bot, the lack of performance is the resaon you need assistance!
  4. Yeah, I know... My response was pretty much like yours lol Mirrors suck, not?
  5. Of course not, major patches go live after office hours so you don't have to deal with angry customers until the next day. By now you should know the WC scedule and just be happy they launch it early in the week instead of on a friday afternoon.
  6. Unfortunatly you are not the only one with this problem, I'm having the same issue and no one can give me a reason why this is not working.
  7. Our households combined 15K+ hours of playing ARK teached us not to have too high hopes for important things to get fixed within the first year. But you never know and one should always have dreams of a great future.
  8. For help you need to open a ticket at customer service. None of us here can help you but by posting your loss here the size of the issue will be clear to everyone. Hopefully that includes WC.
  9. Translation: Major patch on Monday, hope it'll not break the game even more
  10. You just inspired me for a new recepie, thanks!
  11. Although I do agree people were kind of dumb to buy ASA for it was just a remake you can't blame them for looking forward to an IMPROVED version as the promise of "fresh" code would implie the old bugs should not be carried over. In no way WC ever tried to temper expectations on that part. WC did however "promissed" more content. Clearly bugs are content to WC. Yeah, back in the days when it was all new... Simple copy/paste and a bit of polish should not take that long. Even if we have to look at it as if it was all new, it still was WC that promised the DLC to be completed in a way higher pace as they are doing now. The only thing they did make more and bigger are the delays! And no, "just" revamping the game is not enough to make people happy. The old game ran way more stable and had way more content. No one ever "revamped" a game this poor for such a loyal fanbase.
  12. To be fair, this already did happen in ASE quite often. I stopped wondering why, just seeking a way to make it work. Going near it with another dino is often a solution but even after regaining control it might wander off a bit when dismounting. Just mounting/dismounting a few times, get it on and off following by whistling or manual, checking tamegroups and eventualy it might get back to normal obedience eventualy. Or take off towards 50/50... ARK dino's, almost like real life kids
  13. Ok... I agree about ignoring the childish screechers. That being said: What about the well argumented opinions about failed deadlines and false advertisements? Oh, and who is that small team with limmited resources and funds? WC had a good idea with ARK but a bad attitude with contracts so they fled in the arms of Snail to pay off the lawsuits. No one forced them to go that way but WC's founders. Snail abused all resources in game as well as in company and sold out to Nitrado. Again, no one forced them to do so but their own greedy merits. The core team might be not the largest in the world but the resources abused and wasted were HUGE. Oh, anyone mentioned their failing customer support? Nevermind, I need that copium you got while starting up another round of unofficial ASE and just have fun.
  14. Wannabee alpha PvP player I presume? Get off your high horse, on this matter there's not much difference between PvP ot PvE.
  15. According to your logic, ASE should have died on consoles long ago. As we speak there are more people (still or again) playing ASE on console than there are ASA players. Also, no one forced that deal with Nitrado at gunpoint so they choose to dedicate themselves to that deadline. If indeed they cared about s having fun until they were realy ready they should never had announced the end of ASE servers until ASA was up and running so our choice would show them wich of the 2 we realy wanted. That way my old official tribe and alliance would still have been playing today and even considdered to switch to ASA but now it was just killed.
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