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  1. It seems they prioritise tickets in a certain order. Player character issues seem to be highest priority but even those are only handled first working day, office hours PST. Lesser issues as dino loss can take up to weeks, inspite of the remark not to contact the moment it is picked up you have to since it will be automaticly closed after a few days. Player harrasment/misbehaviour and pillarspam issues are some times dealt with very quick, other times it can take forever. I was actualy surprised initialy that their EU servers are not serviced at European times or that they don't use any form of international service desk 24/7. Certain issues are just beyond repair if left unsolved too long. Good luck!
  2. I'm not realy active in PvP, the PvE ally I'm playing most in had an adventurous moment and done a bit in PvP for a month or so. Since it was a very international mix we could have someone online almost 24/7 if we wanted. But we didn't and are all back to PvE
  3. Sorry to call this BS. At start of event it all seemed fine but after the taming and meatrunning started it seems that not even 1% of the normal ammount respawned. Don't get me wrong, I didslike the blockheads just as much but this s not on them
  4. MMaas

    Insider meter

    Yay... More algorithms we can trick Sounds like a very friendly idea at first but so easy to abuse.
  5. Define 3AM. Official servers are global inspite the "NA", "EU" or "OC" in the name.
  6. At the time you were writing this I think it was already going on for an hour or 5
  7. Sony does allow mods on Fallout 4 but only the ones they approve as they want it to stay "family friendly". Just like Xbox, it also disables trophies. (Meanwhile in the average E-rated MTX vehicle you can dress up schoolgirls like hookers on a saturday evening, but ok...)
  8. Sofar so good... First back on the server!
  9. Annoying little critters, only good for PvP and justified targets in meatruns on PvE.
  10. And just patiently waiting for another update to instal as we speak... 80% and counting
  11. If you mean by "Story stuff" the exploring notes, they are realy giving a good boost for xp during a limited time. If you have a giga breeding pair (just a crappy pair will do) hatch as much eggs as possible and kill the babies. We had a special fridge full of Kennies, during events we do our own "OMG, they killed Kenny!" mini event every time someone needs leveling Don't forget to pet your lystro's as often as posible. But yes, the first 60~70 levels are easy. After it is getting realy slow.
  12. I'm not joking about the completely normalised expansion patches, that is kind of to be expected. The overall experience (on PS 4 Pro/PS5) has been taken a huge blow since Gen2. Even the single player was suffering very slow texture loading inspite of using (external) SSD's, the world rendering turned to crap (baren mountains on the horizon with a full forrest popping in at very close range when flying) and first a bunch of flying dino's apears with a slowly drawing base around it from backend to front. The core of the game is still in early acces and seems to be degrading more with every new update, WC's silence and apparent denial of the issues is bafling. After Lost Island it was somewhere in the first week of this year there finaly was a response that they heard the complaints and were working on a fix. The patch that we got very short after was only a minor improvement wich was completely destroyed with the next update. And now on Fjodur the server performance (note: 10~20ms ping!) was not too bad in the first week when we were with 74 people online most of the time but now it's latency (not lag) is getting to an annoying level (increased ping 45~90ms is not explaining all) and the origami dino's are re-introduced. Even while the playerbase has settled to 35~65 and only the full peak late afternoon/early evening. Tl;dr: Too much focus on new stuff while ignoring old issues without the lack of a decent Q&A department, partnering with another (mobile?) studio with an even worse history for a sequel... And suckers like us still hope the game will be fixed...
  13. I'm afraid you have to buy Genesis to gain acces to that shop since we won't get another easter event anymore. If you are not buying in to that you might try in-game trading with others on your server.
  14. I'm aware of this being a case of the weakest link but I noticed a remarkable change over the last week. For a long time (years) the ping used to be between in the 10's and mid 40's and at launch of Fjodur even under 10 at best. I know, I'm spoiled with a good internet connection. Over the weekend it changed to high 50's on average and high 40's at best. Also, the response time between button press and reaction is getting fairly high. Still under 1 second but noticable. Many times there is not even a response if you are too fast with giving a new input like moving, you have to let go of the stick and do it again. I just wondered if this is just a PS5 thing or does it occure on other platforms as well?
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