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  1. Shadowmanes and a Yuti is enough for ape and spider, fast raise and no saddle needed. For dragon we were 2 people, each on a deino and we passed. I heard people do it with a single deino, but i havent done it by myself that way.
  2. Ask on your server for one or two discord trading servers. They usually have a tab where other discords advertise their server. From there its easy.
  3. My bet: - WC will make element transferable - enable at least 2x or 3x all the time, at least for breeding - all color can spawn with some rarerity - maybe enable breeding on creatures like Griffin and Basilisk - ..(put here what you desire) This will create a player and playtime peak for a short time, then it will decay slowly. Why? Because if WC gives everything literally away for "free" there is nothing people can aim for in the long run. They will loose interest very fast because there is nothing new to achive. Now WC got their back and people will play Ark 2, new dinos, new adventures and stories So it will die anyway... Just my logical guess and i am not going to buy Ark 2, cause its the same company, same marketing people, same coders, same bugs, same customer support and same crashes... Why should they change it?
  4. On Genesis 2 its still working..erm, buggy. Maybe the word "even" lead me into the wrong direction.. ty for clarifying.. (grumbling into his beard: will test if its really fixed once another char can use it and being below level 130)
  5. You can use dinos from other DLCs even if you dont own the map itself. Useable stryders start around 100 tek ceilings for example and are well worth it. Imho Gen II might have a taste of p2w because of the easy element access, but thats anopther story.
  6. Hm, now i think its broken.. on Evo-Event i got 4 XP per tick when i was logged in and laying in the sleeping pod on Crystal Isle. Now after Evo-Event i dont get any XP if i am online and inside the tek sleeping pod. We should get at least 2xp per tick on 1x multi.
  7. 2 or 3 weeks ago i realized, i dont get any XP if i am online and laying in the tek bed. First i thought it could be a temp bug, but after several updates now its still the same. This happened after i reached lvl 131 or 132. If i log out and in it seems i get the xp for the offline time, but no xp when i am online and using the tek bed.
  8. Imho the drill is very cool for early midgame. Fill your inventory with a couple stacks of thatch, equip the drill and mount your Magma, then use Focal Chilli to speed up crafting. Now farm rocks and trees. During farming move the stone, wood and thatch from Magmas inventory into your inventory and craft your stone base on the go in no time. Only thing i wish is weight reduction for ingots as well, that would make sense and help moving stuff around..
  9. Try Element Dust as the only ingredient. The food and the drink recipe are adding stam and hp as well. If you want to use soft poly as ingredient, check the result below
  10. Thx for sharing your experience, i will try that next time i am there and report back.
  11. Hi, anyone else having probs getting Thylas to attack you? Today i tried to farm some claws, but the Thylas wont leave the trees. If they do, they dont attack and cant be killed. Also tried another run with rare flower, no success. Oh, and beating them while they are in the trees doesnt have any effect. They just look at you and smile^^ I am on an official EU server, The Island map, Epic user. Not all Thylas behave like this, one out of 10 act like they should, at least for me. edit:typo
  12. Hi, since last friday our server crashes hourly, multiple times over the day until late evening. I used Battlemetrics and Arkbrowser to compile a list who has recently joined and who was online when the crash occured. Tracked it down to 3 names already and all are not from EU. Not sure if they do it intenionally, maybe its a bug with CI and high ping connections after the last patch. But, i take every bet if they come online, server gets unstable af. Not going to release the names here. People lost stuff due to rollback and some are already leaving. I think also about refunding 2 addons i recently bought but not played so far.
  13. Again 855 down, just to let you techs know. How many reports at outage you need? Maybe i make a macro for it coupled with battlemetrics and arkbrowser..
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