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  1. hi bro they blocked me so i couldnt reply to you? the anal twat game prefection did it,plus has manners not even a pls the gobpoope,well hope ye base works out bud.


    1. JuicyDangler1


      Cheers. He hasn't got the manners to be a moderator 

  2. JuicyDangler1

    Biomes Marker

    Also. Would you happen to know the time frame of the marker going up and the changes being made. Just incase we accidentally build in that area
  3. JuicyDangler1

    Biomes Marker

    Sweet. That's good to know. Thanks for the reply
  4. JuicyDangler1

    Redwood Biome

    I'm liking the scale of the trees to the rex.
  5. JuicyDangler1

    Biomes Marker

    Will this show up in game to specify the area in question?
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