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  1. Did you create a suggestion about the 738 bug and then accidentally made a second one.  If so, I and another mod accidentally deleted both of them; one got one at the same time I got the other.

    Sorry about that.  Repost if you want and we'll stay clear.  :D


    1. Fifave


      Lol yes and I don't know how to delete them 

    2. Jerryn


      You can't.  Only mods can.  You did the right thing, so no all is good.

    3. Fifave


      Hey jerryn , I've posted in threads and created two of my own, with no answer. Was wondering if you could help. Did the original primitive servers get upgraded to primitive plus? Or does one have to restart on a new server to get the primitive plus? 


      I play on Xbox and have been on primitive since I started in February 

  2. Well humans are in the ark. I assume , even if not extinct , the aliens are preparing for the eventual extinction
  3. Being that it's "vulture-esque" I'm gonna out on a limb and say, it's gonna be an annoying addition, that attacks unconscious tames
  4. Fifave

    Megapithecus Arena

    We killed it on a primitive server! It took trial and error and lots of time to accumulate the gear necessary , but the epic flag was worth it
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