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  1. Painting is my weakness, and I am very sorry for not being able to introduce it paired with Picture Arts.
  2. The inspiration basically comes from Wikipedia and indexing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batrachosauroides Because amphibians biologist lack research on this species (after all, only tooth fossil evidence), I designed it as a transitional species between frogs and salamanders (of course, this is a big mistake), and with some balance I believe, it appears in my favorite map Aberration.
  3. Common Name: Batrachosauroides Species: Batrachosauroides Tri'achryplace Feeding habits: Carnivorous Time: Late Cretaceous~Neogene-Miocene- Serravallian Temperament: passive (Baby),neutral (Juvenile),aggressive (Adult) Drops:,Hide,Raw Meat,Raw Prime Meat,Oil Wild: Recently,some Survivors witnessed the "Lake Monster" near the Fertile Lake. Doing what a biologist should do,although can't go wrong,but really,since we transmitted to this dark big hole to see flying FSBMM and the ferocious Barguest,Even if there are UMA rather than some aquatic reptile, it's not surprising. I should really thank Rockwell for mixing the Lazarus Chowder, 100% pure!After rowing the raft to the center of the lake and diving,we confirmed the true body of the so-called "Lake Monster".They are various salamanders of different sizes,ranging from just over one meter to over five meters,and emit faint light like the various creatures here. It is indeed not difficult to recognize them as lake monsters when they float up to the surface of the lake in the dark. Presumably,they inhabit the center of the lake to avoid befriending the shoreline Spinosaurs.The countless shellfish in the lake bed are simply their buffet, so I bet their size is not yet at its limit. There is definitely a big one staring at us, it may be lurking at the bottom of the lake or perhaps... My intuition tells me it should be there. After a few days of trekking,we found it! Although Rockwell was fascinated by the sapphire as soon as he step in the lake area in the Bio-Luminescent Region, he was also a chemist after all, right? In short, we have discovered the adult salamander in deeper lake areas. It is a Species of Batrachosauroides with a brighter surface than when it was young, and its size is incredibly large, probably on par with the Draconis obscurum. The predatory nature of adults has greatly increased, and their interesting hunting methods are lurking at the bottom of the lake, waiting for Megalosaurus, Heterocephalus magnus, and Reaper suddenly rushing towards them while drinking water, radiating the accumulated charge in one go to temporarily blind the prey, and then dragging them into the water to suffocate. Obviously, they occupy the Ecological niche of crocodiles in reality. They are in charge of this group of lakes. The situation is clear at a glance. As I speculate, the upper lake has a hidden channel connecting the Bio-Luminescent lake. Batrachosauroides live in the upper layer when they are young, and migrate back to the lower layer when they are close to adulthood, thus effectively avoiding the competition of the same species. However, I haven't seen their eggs yet. Amazing. I found that the Batrachosauroides were actually using the long river to travel downstream to the Molten Element Zone, and this creature had completely adapted to the strange ecosystem. I named this Batrachosauroides the Batrachosauroides Tri'achryplace. But we were not prepared to fight against radiation, I gave up the investigation. The following are all my speculations: the Batrachosauroides Tri'achryplace has a special migration cycle, and they will lay their eggs at the deepest part of this big cave. After the eggs hatch and have the power to swim against the water, they start to swim upstream to the Fertile upper lake to spend their youth, while the adults return to the Bio-Luminescent middle lake repeatedly. Taming: Rockwell was persistent in his plan to tame Batrachosauroides to collect Silica Pearls to exchange supplies with various villages. However, our attempts to tame both Juvenile and adult individuals failed. Rockwell believed that if their eggs or newly born non predatory larvae were caught, they should be able to be tamed by imprinting. We also found serendipity immature Batrachosauroides is extremely sensitive to Reaper, and I would like to boldly propose the conjecture that Batrachosauroides should use Reaper Pheromone Gland to maintain Neoteny. Tamed: The young Batrachosauroides Tri'achryplace is undoubtedly powerful in collecting pearls, and their jumping ability is even comparable to that of the Beelzebufo. When they mature, their eating habits completely change, their jumping ability deteriorates, and they are replaced by the powerful brute force of the adult, regenerative ability, and water swimming speed. They can also release the accumulated charge light in one go to stun the enemy and escape, or break them down one by one. Baby: Completely aquatic, with electric charges that emit light. Survivor's item has Waterskin that can be used as a shoulder pet. Juvenile: Can be ridden, collect Silica Pearls, jump without falling damage. Adult: Stuns surrounding creatures (there is a 90 second CD, devouring Glowbug can clear the CD), has a warning effect on the Reaper King/Queen like a Rock Drake, quickly recovers health, inserts Artifacts to change body surface color. When there is no wet buff, increases drop damage. Has wet buff be immune. Secreting body fluid can protect Survivors from the influence of the Element radiant River. Capture: Use Fish Basket to catch larvae (up to level 190) in the bottom radiation river of Molten Element Region (near the Elemental Vault Cave or near the Rock Drake Nest) Realistic Time Refresh 2h of 4 larvaes Reproduction: Bring male and female Batrachosauroides to the bottom of Molten Element Region to start mating in the Radiant River Passive: immune radiation damage, immune radiation river damage, Reaper Pheromone Gland will permanently terminate the development of baby or juvenile Attribute (Baby): Health: 67.5 Wild+7.8 Tamed+4.2% Additive -720 Charge Capacity: 465 Wild+30 Tamed+12.5% Charge Regeneration: 150 Wild+15 Tamed+11% Food: 750 Wild+75 Tamed+10% Weight: 56 Wild+1.9 Tamed+4% Charge Emission Range: 9 Wild+1.5 Tamed+1.75% Additive+15.25% Attribute (Juvenile): Health: 1350 Wild+157.5 Tamed+4.2% Additive -720 Stamina: 279 Wild+18 Tamed+7.5% Oxygen: 150 (unlimited) Food: 1500 Wild+150 Tamed+10% Weight: 225 Wild+7.8 Tamed+4% Melee Damage: 36 Wild+1.8 Tamed+1.7% Additive -25% Speed: 100% Tamed+1% Attribute (Adult): Health: 2250 Wild+157.5 tame+4.2% additive -1200 Stamina: 465 Wild+30 Tamed+7.5% Oxygen: 150 (unlimited) Food: 2500 Wild+250 Tamed+10% Weight: 375 Wild+13 Tamed+4% Melee Damage: 60 Wild+3 Tamed+1.7% Additive -25% Speed: 100% Tamed+1% Thank you for watching Aberration “clost” story. If you are interested Batrachosauroides, please cast a Valuable Vote! I will bring the next creatures story to Extinction.😘
  4. Has Carcharodontosaur spawn in Scorched Earth and Genesis One?
  5. Thanks Offical! According to Ark wiki, there’s Desert Titant in the Fjordur!Really?
  6. Thx official and map‘s maker! Merry Christmas So in new Lost Island sever also 3x event? (Will it be a bit fast-paced?)
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