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  1. It's not an big issue that we (PS5) have to wait we are used to that. it's a fact that with cross platform enabled day one that we will be so far behind Xbox and PC. What if my tribe is strictly PS5, we won't have a chance being so far behind the other platforms! I have to say I'm not very happy with this, and really debating on even getting this game!
  2. I agree completely, I watched my items countdown to expire, then left it opened til I finally blue screened, when I logged back in my ark data was empty, I hope that after all this is fixed they do a roll back so I don't lose all the dinos, weapons, and supplies I had in ARK Data!!!!
  3. NA server CrystalIsles1320 not showing up on server list since update.
  4. What about the ps4 issues as well? I DC'd an hour ago, I know when I finally get back in my character and Mana will be dead and thats my last mana, im so sick of this! If anyone actually reads this Ps4 server Ragnarok 433 registers ping of 9999 this started at 150am EST.
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