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  1. I agree completely, I watched my items countdown to expire, then left it opened til I finally blue screened, when I logged back in my ark data was empty, I hope that after all this is fixed they do a roll back so I don't lose all the dinos, weapons, and supplies I had in ARK Data!!!!
  2. I watched it count down to 0, then it said expired and I left it up til I Blue Screened, when I logged back in and opened transmitter, my ARK data was Blank thank you so very much WildCard I lost alot of good Dinos and resources!! Its reasons like this I am really considering picking up a new game!!!
  3. I'm on ps4 and having same problem, I Watchung the counter countdown and I have 25 mins left til they are gone forever DILO is going on Wildcard? I understand disabling transfers but I'm not on Gen 2 in my regular server and can't get my stuff from upload, please fix!
  4. Same here it seems to blue screen (crash) every 10 to 20 mins on Genesis, other maps maybe once in the hour or two I am there but genesis is unbearable, please see what thr problem is and fix!
  5. I am having the problem that my bee hives with plenty of rare flowers only lasts a few days, demolishes and then bee disappears.
  6. NA server CrystalIsles1320 not showing up on server list since update.
  7. What about the ps4 issues as well? I DC'd an hour ago, I know when I finally get back in my character and Mana will be dead and thats my last mana, im so sick of this! If anyone actually reads this Ps4 server Ragnarok 433 registers ping of 9999 this started at 150am EST.
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