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  1. What do you base that price on ? Isn't it lower since the new event is gonna be on during the next week ?
  2. What's the value of a phoenix chibi ? What do you think the market value of a phoenix chibi is ? In term of elements/tek/dusts.
  3. Why would you report that ? Doesn't it help everyone on the server if the spikes are being placed by someone ?
  4. damnnnn i had heard about that technique, but i didn't know it was this op Then i'll prepare the spike walls if it's that good; that way only wyvern will be able to attack me. Thanks for sharing mate !
  5. By any chance do you have any video footage of purple OSD soloing/duoing ? Just to know how it's done (placement, etc)
  6. Alright, so i guess two gigas are fine, just gotta heal every rounds with an owl.
  7. Yes i also do that owl thing. And damn i'm suprised you can go this far with only two gigas ? What were your saddles ? Were your gigas close to death ? Anyway it means it can totally be done with 2 riders 3 gigas, thank you for sharing
  8. Duoing Purple OSD drops ? Hello is it possible to go to wave 10 on a purple drop, with 3 gigas, 2 riders ? So 1 giga is not rided. I have successfuly done it with the same three gigas riden, but unfortunately my other friend can't come and help me. Gigas have around 30-33K HP and 1100-1150% DMG. With around 95 armor saddles.
  9. oh ok, thought i could do it with good rexes, i'll do the betas for the moment and look forward to get theris in the next few weeks for alpha dragon
  10. Can't i do beta dragon with 19 and a yuty ? Also: what's a good daeodon base stats for food and health ?
  11. there are a few in valguero, nothing really sustainable. I think i might just buy it with ingots. I need like 80K
  12. We tried that technique, with like 140% chainsaw, 93 levle points only spent in melee, and a 900 hp ovis. But we only got like 2600 hide.
  13. Then i'll wait to do the alphas, and aim for the beta dragon to get the tek transmitter.
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