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  1. What do you base that price on ? Isn't it lower since the new event is gonna be on during the next week ?
  2. What's the value of a phoenix chibi ? What do you think the market value of a phoenix chibi is ? In term of elements/tek/dusts.
  3. Why would you report that ? Doesn't it help everyone on the server if the spikes are being placed by someone ?
  4. damnnnn i had heard about that technique, but i didn't know it was this op Then i'll prepare the spike walls if it's that good; that way only wyvern will be able to attack me. Thanks for sharing mate !
  5. By any chance do you have any video footage of purple OSD soloing/duoing ? Just to know how it's done (placement, etc)
  6. Alright, so i guess two gigas are fine, just gotta heal every rounds with an owl.
  7. Yes i also do that owl thing. And damn i'm suprised you can go this far with only two gigas ? What were your saddles ? Were your gigas close to death ? Anyway it means it can totally be done with 2 riders 3 gigas, thank you for sharing
  8. Duoing Purple OSD drops ? Hello is it possible to go to wave 10 on a purple drop, with 3 gigas, 2 riders ? So 1 giga is not rided. I have successfuly done it with the same three gigas riden, but unfortunately my other friend can't come and help me. Gigas have around 30-33K HP and 1100-1150% DMG. With around 95 armor saddles.
  9. oh ok, thought i could do it with good rexes, i'll do the betas for the moment and look forward to get theris in the next few weeks for alpha dragon
  10. Can't i do beta dragon with 19 and a yuty ? Also: what's a good daeodon base stats for food and health ?
  11. there are a few in valguero, nothing really sustainable. I think i might just buy it with ingots. I need like 80K
  12. We tried that technique, with like 140% chainsaw, 93 levle points only spent in melee, and a 900 hp ovis. But we only got like 2600 hide.
  13. Then i'll wait to do the alphas, and aim for the beta dragon to get the tek transmitter.
  14. Okay thank you mate. I'll look up for theris and daeodon, and chose one of these two option.
  15. Alright, so the yuty is only there to roar, and flee away from the boss. In total, you had 20 dinos right ? (Rex+Theri+Yuty)
  16. Ok interesting, have you used a yuty ? Did you success the Beta Dragon ?
  17. Price of Boss Rex Egg ? What's the current price of a good 30Khp 1000%dmg rex egg ? On PVE, in term of ingots, polymer.
  18. Unfortunately i'm on valguero and i don't even have the center map, is there any way to farm it in valguero ?
  19. Best way to get LOTS of hide ? What's your way, as a big tribe, to get a lot of hide ? I want to craft ascendant saddle but damn that's expensive. Metal is not a problem to me, but hide is.
  20. [BOSS] Am i ready to start it ? Hello i am a noob when it comes to bosses (never done one), but i'm willing to get the transmitter (and if possible teleporter) tek. Now my tribe has 12 Rexes, with pretty much the same stats [BASE STATS] : 32K HP and 1020% DMG. I also got a yuty, with about 51K HP and 5K stam (which i believe is good enough) We got a 100 armor rex saddle bp, so with crafting skills we get around 105-140 armor saddles. Now what boss can i do with this composition ? We are 3 in the tribe (possibly 4 if needed) Do i need better breeding
  21. why is it a problem ? just attack him and he's gonna chase you
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