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  1. Also be careful not to upload into a server that you know crashes a lot. Cuz if you do transfer in and the server crashed until 5 min after you came, there will be a small 5-8 mins rollback and you'll lose your character forever (and dinos if you're alone on your tribe).
  2. A friend of mine who was in the same alliance as my tribe invited my in his tribe. So is there any way to get the dinos back ?
  3. Yes as you guys said it's probably gone for always. I already made a ticket. But honestly knowing all the issues the game has, and the fact that WildCard doesn't do anything about it; i doubt i'll get any help. I know my structures and dinos are not vanished, so i'll just remake a character, and wait for the decay to claim it back (i guess that's how it works ?).
  4. Character vanished after rollback Hello Yesterday a server crash has occured (around 2:30 AM to now 7 PM) on ragnarok 434 When the server has come back, there's been a rollback (i know it cuz some guy on the server told me). The problem is the crash occured like 5 minutes after i had finished to transfer my character from extinction 509 to my main server: ragnarok 434. So now, when i try to connect on both of these servers, the game shows me the "character creating interface". As if my character had disappeared. Not only does the server i'm in (ragnarok 434) is REALLY fr
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