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  1. ARK Server Xbox Official The Inland PVE 488 Endless Server Restore For the past week the server has been rolling back to a the same state, the game is unplayable since progress is not being saved at all. i lost 4 dinos already due to this, 2 baby gigas , 1 feather light and one snow owl. All gone since the server keeps rolling back. Please help. Also the game is crashing randomly after the update.
  2. Possible Fix/workaround For "Joining failed - could not retrieve address" Go and join the server, expect the error, after error, go to Host/Local and start any Solo game. wait for everything to load. play for 30 secs. use dinos, anything. press start go back to main menu, click join and it should work. this is how i was able to login to NA-PVE-XboxOfficial-TheIsland488 Hope this helps, leave comments if it did.
  3. I found a way that let me and others in... you might need to also change your DNS servers here is video on how to do it
  4. same for Na-pve-xboxofficial-theisland488
  5. Server Problems Na-pve-xboxofficial-theisland488 I was playing and the second my baby tek Rex was born the server kicked everyone, then it said cant find IP address and now is saying waiting on login lock. lost/time out pending connection to host. Server Na-pve-xboxofficial-theisland488 Playing on xbox one x i can join other servers.
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