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  1. Back home, so back on my servers. Fed the dinos, made some cryopods. I now have 17 magmas and think we're ready for a go on dragon (thank you missions for the ascendant saddle bp). Wavering between doing it on island or Rag, and whether I think we can pull off beta. Transferred to Rag & started gathering artifacts/tributes (already have them on Island but I want to experience the Ragnarok stuff). Will wait for the nephews b4 doing any of the dungeons. Got distracted. Tamed a pink vulture, magenta megalosaur, and a very plain looking 180 mantis. Hopefully today at least 1 of the kids will be on and we can go after more artifacts.
  2. Last day at work, last day of single player. Loaded my small herd onto the boat & started looking for a more permanent base location since we've outgrown our mobile one. Set my sights on something near green obi. Made landing, tamed a second trike for additional muscle. Started scouting and found argy's. Knocked out a 95 with green plumage & named her Peridot Took her out in search of a Doed. First one i knocked out got eaten by allos, but the second 1 I spotted turned out to be a 140. Spent the rest of my time taming it with berries
  3. Something has apparently changed with work internet so i have been unable to access my server. Instead I started fresh single player on Val for a few days until I go home. Worked my way up to taming my first Ptera. Lvl 50, not bad. As im waiting for it to tame, a 145 lands near by. Tranqued it before shutting down for the night.
  4. A few months ago the kids & i tamed a griffon which was immediately dubbed Gryffindor. A few days ago I used some low level magma eggs to pick up a basilisk & last night I finally managed to tame our first purlovia. Now I need to find or breed a dark blue/black argy for all the Hogwarts houses.
  5. Took our new Spino out to attempt escort mission in bog. As we were doing it, tribe mate says it would be funny if we were taking it to our home. And then I see the wall of our pen. Sure enough, we had unknowingly built our base in the tree where the mission ends!
  6. Recently switched one of my servers over to Genesis because the kids were interested in taming the new dinos. We agreed to use only what materials we had on us when we first transferred: everything else went into storage. 2 days ago, finally had material saved up to build an industrial forge so last night I set out to gather metal to fill that sucker. Shortly out from base I see something big moving ahead of me: an X-Spino Pulled out my spyglass and he's level 130. Yeah, I am not prepared to fight that. But what if I tame it? I throw together a quick trap, keeping an eye on the beast while I gather mats. Make a quick run back home to grab the prime meat from all the damn sarcos I've been fending off and tranq darts. Ride back on our raptor, lure the spino in and start tranq'ing. And tranq'ing. And my longneck rifle break because i forgot to repair it. Switch to crossbow and fire in a few shots. Spino asleep. Run over to dump stuff in his inventory. Oh god, where are my narcotics! Harvest some narcos and give him a bump to make sure he stays down long enough for me to hop back home. Grab some narcotics out of storage and discover that someone has collected a few rex eggs. I have everything to make a few kibble so I do that real quick. Back to the spino, dump the kibble give him so narcotics and wait. Took about an hour with our boosted tame rates. Now I just need a saddle
  7. Working our melee damage line of rexes. Hunting for a mosa to tame (really need to increase our aquatic presence).
  8. Spotted some megatherium while i was gathering sap. Flew back to base for supplies and tamed a pair in short order despite a diplo deciding to crash the party. 119 & 149; not great but they're my first.
  9. I really appreciate the commitment to support Genesis indefinitely despite the rumors of Ark 2 next year.
  10. This. I would love auto-harvest on anky, but if they won't do that, they should at least do this.
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