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  1. Try entering this command Cheat destroytribeiddinos 2000000000 Right now there is a bug causing fertilized eggs & babies to teleport to 50,50 clogging up servers with unclaimed dinos. Using that command will wipe all unclaimed dinos.
  2. What is your difficulty-offset value? Mine is set to 1 & overrideofficialdifficulty is 6. Have not had any problems with it resetting
  3. Same thing here. Tried to tame some last night but they would always release before I got to them. Same thing with the tames I had planned to use to raise efficiency. Tested it out and I could grapple high enough for them to grab me and reel me in, but there was no eay to get the tames high enough without some serious building. Also tried knocking them to the ground, but that seemed to make things buggy as well. Twice I startes the tame, struggled free & sent in my moschops'. Taming efficiency would go up with the first, but after it ate the second, the taming bar would revert to "put taming food in last inventory slot".
  4. Took our new Spino out to attempt escort mission in bog. As we were doing it, tribe mate says it would be funny if we were taking it to our home. And then I see the wall of our pen. Sure enough, we had unknowingly built our base in the tree where the mission ends!
  5. Recently switched one of my servers over to Genesis because the kids were interested in taming the new dinos. We agreed to use only what materials we had on us when we first transferred: everything else went into storage. 2 days ago, finally had material saved up to build an industrial forge so last night I set out to gather metal to fill that sucker. Shortly out from base I see something big moving ahead of me: an X-Spino Pulled out my spyglass and he's level 130. Yeah, I am not prepared to fight that. But what if I tame it? I throw together a quick trap, keeping an eye on the beast while I gather mats. Make a quick run back home to grab the prime meat from all the damn sarcos I've been fending off and tranq darts. Ride back on our raptor, lure the spino in and start tranq'ing. And tranq'ing. And my longneck rifle break because i forgot to repair it. Switch to crossbow and fire in a few shots. Spino asleep. Run over to dump stuff in his inventory. Oh god, where are my narcotics! Harvest some narcos and give him a bump to make sure he stays down long enough for me to hop back home. Grab some narcotics out of storage and discover that someone has collected a few rex eggs. I have everything to make a few kibble so I do that real quick. Back to the spino, dump the kibble give him so narcotics and wait. Took about an hour with our boosted tame rates. Now I just need a saddle
  6. Fyi the "you cannot fly on Genesis" coding affects other maps as well. Could not mount any of my flyers on the Island until I checked allow Genesis flyers.
  7. Do you have an argentavis? I'd use an argy to help clear an area and then come back on your Pt. I managed to luck out and scare my Tapejara into a cave mouth which made it super easy to tame.
  8. Can anyone who is experiencing this problem perform a test: Return to one of the notes you collected but did not get the xp boost for. Confirm whether or not the boost is applied. Reports from others on my server indicate that people are receiving the boost for previously collected notes.
  9. Working our melee damage line of rexes. Hunting for a mosa to tame (really need to increase our aquatic presence).
  10. No. It is an explanatory note that describes what Rockwell's measurements mean in real quantities.
  11. Forceallstructureslockable is what you're looking for. Not sure why it is only allowing you to lock doors & gates. Everything on my server locks.
  12. Do what I did. Find a job where you only have to work half the year
  13. Island server havent seen beavers or dams in a week. 2 days ago my beehive disappeared (plenty of flower in it). When I went to get another bee, none spawned. Spent 2 hours breaking hives & nothing.
  14. If you are going to be using nitrado then they will handle running the server. No need to run anything on your computer unless you just want to play Ark on there. If you want to play on xbox you will need to download the nitrado app from the Microsoft store and rent the server through the app. Make sure you select the ark xbox server when you are setting things up. My stats for dinos & humans did not change much from default. I increased weight capacity gain for both but that is it.
  15. This morning I was unable to sprint with conttoller. Will check later to confirm, but it looks like this issue may not be limited to kbm
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