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  1. Fyi the "you cannot fly on Genesis" coding affects other maps as well. Could not mount any of my flyers on the Island until I checked allow Genesis flyers.
  2. Do you have an argentavis? I'd use an argy to help clear an area and then come back on your Pt. I managed to luck out and scare my Tapejara into a cave mouth which made it super easy to tame.
  3. Can anyone who is experiencing this problem perform a test: Return to one of the notes you collected but did not get the xp boost for. Confirm whether or not the boost is applied. Reports from others on my server indicate that people are receiving the boost for previously collected notes.
  4. Working our melee damage line of rexes. Hunting for a mosa to tame (really need to increase our aquatic presence).
  5. No. It is an explanatory note that describes what Rockwell's measurements mean in real quantities.
  6. Forceallstructureslockable is what you're looking for. Not sure why it is only allowing you to lock doors & gates. Everything on my server locks.
  7. Do what I did. Find a job where you only have to work half the year
  8. Island server havent seen beavers or dams in a week. 2 days ago my beehive disappeared (plenty of flower in it). When I went to get another bee, none spawned. Spent 2 hours breaking hives & nothing.
  9. If you are going to be using nitrado then they will handle running the server. No need to run anything on your computer unless you just want to play Ark on there. If you want to play on xbox you will need to download the nitrado app from the Microsoft store and rent the server through the app. Make sure you select the ark xbox server when you are setting things up. My stats for dinos & humans did not change much from default. I increased weight capacity gain for both but that is it.
  10. This morning I was unable to sprint with conttoller. Will check later to confirm, but it looks like this issue may not be limited to kbm
  11. As far as I know, if you buy a physical copy, you would also need to purchase the DLCs. There is (or was) a digital version that included them. At the time, there was also a discount if you had game pass.
  12. What platform are you on? My family has an eye on doing this as well on xbox. We are mostly new players just starting out but I have a pair of high level rexes that I can use as seeds for a breeding line.
  13. Spotted some megatherium while i was gathering sap. Flew back to base for supplies and tamed a pair in short order despite a diplo deciding to crash the party. 119 & 149; not great but they're my first.
  14. Yes, that's what I've settled on and it's working well so far. Still tweaking rates but the kids are having fun
  15. Just because a city will always have a rodent problem does not mean they shouldn't try to reduce the number of rats.
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