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  1. At least you legacy players were acknowledged that you exist, or did. nintendo switch players are flat out ignored.
  2. Is an update to the switch platform in your happy holidays plan? Maybe another full year with no patches at all?
  3. We are talking about the game on Nintendo Switch. Haha you clearly don’t know the game on Nintendo Switch.
  4. It really is pathetic what wildcard has done to the switch community, or should I say hasn’t done. Played all range of MMOs and online games since 2001. Never seen a group or company conduct themselves like this. Absolutely love the game. I waited years to try this game out purely from all the negative comments I’ve heard about wildcard. I thought the complaints were just the same old whines I’ve seen countless times, but I’m starting to see why wildcard has such a negative reputation.
  5. If it’s abandoned then wildcard needs to state that otherwise this feels like the movie Office Space and the switch community was thrown in the basement without the stapler and “the Bobs” stopped sending pay checks (patches/updates)
  6. So what does Nintendo switch get? Maybe the toilets finally work?
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