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  1. You duped your character. Log out and sign back in the server u came from
  2. XBOX SERVERS DOWN The servers are down on official, I garuntee everyone died n lost whatever they had on them lol. Still can't join can't retrieve address all servers are empty
  3. Temporary fix to drops missing. Go to setting. Network settings. Advanced. Alternative mac address. And clear it. It will turn your console off but hopefully that fixes it when I get back on
  4. Bruhh Who thinks the game is messed up after the recent genisis patch?
  5. Yes need toggle option for hold B. Also, i can't transition from orbital camera to first person on mount by pressing RB anymore, it simply does nothing. I also crash Everytime i join a server (with 250mps and 20mps upload 31 ping) it lags me to main menu. Also issue on pixels and animation visuals, it now looks like Atlas another game that wildcard made. (Needs graphic toggle) There are certain trees on extinction that if you stand on them, you and all your stuff will completely disappear (un retrievable) would include screenshot but it exceeds the size limit on this forum And finally game keeps freezing every 30 seconds on and off, especially while riding a mana, even with 20 ping on an empty PvP server? I know it's not all related to the topic but hopefully the devs see the issues
  6. EXTINCTON/NO Drops or vein/ PvP official After genisis update. went to extinction to do veins and drop none would spawn. Went to six different servers and looked around several hours on each one, after 24 hours I give up. Also invisible dinosaur, reset xbox many times. Tribemates all had same issue, no fix. Tell me when the games is fixed please
  7. Same for xbox official. No drop or veins respawning

    Whistle Bug

    Also on a tame I can no longer transition from orbital camera mode to first person by pressing RB, it just does nothing

    Whistle Bug

    Not to mention the game freezing up. Every 30seconds you move it will freeze your screen for another 30 seconds back and forth, it only took me an hour to do all the update but something is seriously wrong

    Whistle Bug

    Same problemo on Xbox. Hold B looking at a time it whistle follow... Hold B to tell a tame to stop following a tame it now follows you, it moves and next whistle misses and doesn't work. Hold b at a boss fight to whistle out my pig, oops was looking at a Rex now my pigs dead, trying to tell the Rex to stop oops here comes another Rex, trying to whistle neutral oops here comes another rex... So many potential areas for mistakes and like the extra whistle is really too much, I'm just trying to poop snow pellets to my gacha discretely and everyone can hear me spam whistle 1billion times by accident

    Whistle Bug

    I hate this so much turn it off
  12. Could I pay a Dev to remove lock on a server?
  13. They are listening, atleast they fixed the issue getting login lock while transferring from a ob but I'm still getting the same login lock problem durring certain circumstances Wich is still a pain but I'll bet money they'll get rid of it if they want to keep a majority of customers especially when dlc is about to drop.
  14. I believe devs and wc are watching and listening to us. The community has spoken what we want..just keep expressing concerns and push for a removal of login lock ASAP. Everyone thank you for your support and hopefully through voicing our concerns we can make ark great again in time for genisis
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