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  1. 8hours at most for certain servers, I'm guessing they forgot to include them in the scheduled nightly maintenance. Unfortunately during this time I'm sure they're all asleep so it won't get resolved until morning.
  2. This happened last week. They explained that's why they're still doing 2x
  3. Likely if you can't access the server no one else can either
  4. This happened last week. Certain servers were offline for hours
  5. Yup i tried telling @Cedric hopefully he's awake lol
  6. @Cedric alot of servers are not showing up can we please get some help
  7. My PvP server has disappeared as well I'm not sure if they know what's going on
  8. Like as if that would work... Also server 980 extinction on Xbox they are dossing server 255 ping non stop all day and night
  9. And of course. No one cares This game is so stupid
  10. DISAPPEARING INVENTORY WHEN TRANSFERRING All my items in my inventory keep disappearing when I transfer. I wait the 15m timer . upload. When I downloaded I'm completely naked and have no items. About 11th Tek suit this month I have to replace due to no reason what so ever. Starting to despise this game. Lost a few meks this way too. Can I get some replacement Tek suit and meks please? They were just primitive but takes a long time cuz I'm solo. Can I please get game support please? Technical support? Just anything please
  11. You duped your character. Log out and sign back in the server u came from
  12. XBOX SERVERS DOWN The servers are down on official, I garuntee everyone died n lost whatever they had on them lol. Still can't join can't retrieve address all servers are empty
  13. Temporary fix to drops missing. Go to setting. Network settings. Advanced. Alternative mac address. And clear it. It will turn your console off but hopefully that fixes it when I get back on
  14. Bruhh Who thinks the game is messed up after the recent genisis patch?
  15. Yes need toggle option for hold B. Also, i can't transition from orbital camera to first person on mount by pressing RB anymore, it simply does nothing. I also crash Everytime i join a server (with 250mps and 20mps upload 31 ping) it lags me to main menu. Also issue on pixels and animation visuals, it now looks like Atlas another game that wildcard made. (Needs graphic toggle) There are certain trees on extinction that if you stand on them, you and all your stuff will completely disappear (un retrievable) would include screenshot but it exceeds the size limit on this forum
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