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  1. Yeah, I see what you are saying. I am careful and know how bad of a developer wildcard are so I don't make gambles when it comes to server resets. The only kits I have lost is due to the server reset a few hours ago and when the alpha dragon spawned in invisible 🫥 🫤 so basically wildcard have been the only people to take a kit from me..... Thanks guys, you're the best dev wildcard 🤡🌍
  2. Wildcard start a breeding event, give you enough time to get babies out then drop the servers, put them back up, steal half your inventory and drop the servers again.... Can I just get back on to pod my babies and go to bed???? It's nearly 1:30am... Thanks for NOTHING 🫤
  3. Yeah, just drop the server twice an hour then be surprised when people loose half their inventory. 🤦 Now to fix the issue you..... Wait for it.... Dropped the god damn server.... Absolute clown show at wildcard 🤡🌍👍
  4. Well 👀 you have my view on the situation. What's your thoughts? Vent here 👍
  5. Playstation shafted royally, again 👍 'THANKS" ......🤡
  6. Yeah, I feel you there! I have 10k plus hours played on official and small tribes. I pre ordered all the dlc maps for the playstation and THIS is how they repay us? 👀
  7. As a playstation player that has had the game since legacy, has 10k+ hours played on official and small tribes and has paid for every dlc map.... 😔 what a slap in the face. 🙃
  8. I was until now. Only because I have a playstation5 and a pc that wouldn't play ark.
  9. Completely disappointed and utterly let down. Never heard of a developer doing something like this! Wildcard said all platforms would drop at the same time so there was no advantage 🤮
  10. At this point you'll need to give playstation owners a free base, mutated tames and boss engrams.... DILO??? 🤡🌍
  11. This is an absolute farce! If playstation 5 doesn't launch WITH Xbox then I won't be bothering because we will be too far behind in everything. We won't even have lines or even a base ready for the event in December.
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