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  1. If this is like the volume wheel on windows keyboards then make sure you have some key assigned to the "Land this Flyer" in options. This fixed my whistle on the volume roller.
  2. Why is the Winter Wonderland still running. Also when do you think you will move 442 PVE to a different server IP so we are not constantly disconnected due to network issues. It makes playing on Extinction almost impossible as the risk of losing the drop halfway through and possibly losing your dinos is not worth it. This has been this way for weeks now.
  3. Can we please just get a game that works? Stability and limited packaged updates would go a long way. Also complete testing of all packages. Servers that can handle the load of the player base.
  4. Nice work, you let times run while no one was in game SMH
  5. One day they will create a test bed server, just not this day.
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