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  1. Agreed, I've been thinking along much the same lines. Bringing stables in as a building will allow all the dino storage of pods but without removing the value of things like mobile bases, disrupting gameplay like running caravans or the really not fun 'pocket gigas' meta. Personally, I'd be happy to see dino storage buildings replace cryos altogether.
  2. Most of this is good news, but I am shocked and disappointed that you're not fixing the mutation cap bug.
  3. The game is already available for wishlisting on steam. It'll be coming out on Steam as well as the Windows storefront.Additionally, given the mod support and integration platform being advertised from day one I'd say there is a solid chance you will be able to continue hosting unofficial servers yourself.
  4. The above issues still appear to be issues 8 months later. Any word on when a fix is expected?
  5. VidarFeral


    They already made better systems in Atlas, just adapt them. (on that note, they had better carry over the ocean tech from Atlas but cause that was a *huge* upgrade to Ark's eternal shallow pond of a sea.)
  6. Please extend the 24 cooldown to a 7 day cooldown.
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