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  1. We have a pretty good size server full of people now!
  2. [US] Milkshakes PVP Ragnarok Hey! Come take a look at a brand new pvp server named Milkshakes! Currently we have a 50 man Ragnarok server! Our boosted stats include . . . -Taming x450 -ORP is ON (6.25 hour cooldown) -Harvest multiplier x5 -XP gain x5 -x6.0 server difficulty ( Max dino level is 180, not including tek, wyverns, etc. . .) -Egg laying interval x0.5 -Dino harvesting x8 -Mating x.01 (Fast) -Maturation x10 -Infinite weight -Supply crate loot x7 -Crop grow speed x5 -Custom spawns (and more to come!) -Custom drops(Tek in some drops as well) -Many stack mods(too many to list) And a few more. . . We hope that you consider joining and contributing to the soon to be amazing pvp server! Our server will be running off of donations and if we get a community, the server will most likely expand to accommodate the growth! We do have a discord server! We welcome you to join the game server and meet us in the discord! ^u^/ To find us, please look for "[US] Milkshakes - Boosted PVP Ragnarok" or just search for "milkshakes" Come join our discord! https://discord.gg/AZ3gdsf
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