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  1. actually a tickle chicken is one of the best early tames to do, even before you can make a saddle for it. just kite it aroud with you and it will eat almost anything that attacks you just have a LOT of narcotics on you during the tame
  2. soon as the easter bunny arrived so did the game instability. anyone else seeing this on single player P.S. constant, incessant 504 errors on the forums are intolerable. Are the forum server administrators incompetent because it has been like this from the day i started playing ark. can almost NEVER get into the forums because of the never ending cycle of 504 error after error after error after error. Logging in here is agonizingly painful. POSTING ANYTHING is agonizingly painful. SRSLY what the fluff? EDIT: I have been trying to post THIS message for about an hour
  3. single player constantly crashing too is this related?
  4. youtube has a gazillion really good players posting howto vids on pretty much everything under the dome search for soloing the ark for example
  5. googled for ark forums. clicked on the link to the official forums 45 seconds later I get a gateway timeout. try again and get the same thing try again and get to this site. try to log in with steam and... 45 seconds later get a gateway timeout tried again got the same thing tried again go the same thing tried again and was told my account is locked try again in 9 minutes tried again in 9 minutes got a gateway timeout... ad infinitum it took me over an hour just to get this far so I seriously do not thing its worth bothering trying to get any suppor
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