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  1. Are you going to continue to ignore the OC players? We have been screaming out for at least 1 maybe 2 more PvE Gen2 servers and there has been absolutely no response from WC, You added 7 more to each EU and NA, making their server counts around 27 each, but OC has to continue playing on their 2 PvE servers. I don't usually complain but it is ridiculous. A week in and I am still struggling to get onto server. Other then that good job on the Map.
  2. Nope it was 1 week last year too To all the complainers, This game is easier now then it ever was and WC have done an amazing job creating a wonderful game and if they did events all the time it would not be an 'event'. Stop complaining and be grateful for the bonuses. 2x is a permanent thing so really the rates will be 6x this event and as for reduced baby food consumption, the increased breeding rate will dramatically reduce the amount of food your baby will need to mature. Thank you WC for all the wonderful work you have done for us and looking forward to another great event.
  3. So are we going to get any explanation or compensation for OC players who have not been able to play in 5 days due to extreme lag or server outages? All OC servers have been down for the last 11 hrs. Not all OC players are in China. This is truely beyond a joke.
  4. I had the same thing happen with my Rexes, lost all their eggs and all the lost 2x we have not been able to play. 4 days and still the same problem? What is going on WC???
  5. Are you going to fix the massive lag we are experiencing on the OC servers at the moment? Since the last update Valg has been unplayable and it has now been 2 days. Friends on other OC servers are complaining of the same thing.
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