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  1. totally agree the servers been way to laggy and now after the update the server has NOT come back WTH we have babies out Wildcard get it together and help us please!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. NA-PVE-Official-GenOne601 is still missing what gives wildcard?
  3. NA-PVE-Official-GenOne601 Server went down for an update last night and never came back up, lots of babies out for the 3x event and now we cant feed them please fix this and dont kill my babies
  4. lost me at the super boosted server, don't think this will be an issue. but i'm sure the skiff will get its nerf into uselessness though
  5. holy crabs they fixed it everyone ok i take it all back Wildcard you showed me you do still care about us. my base and everything has been restored all dinos everything back like it never happened. a little info would have probably saved a lot of players anxiety. but at the end of the day you guys figured it out and fixed things thank you very much WC team
  6. Bloodstalker not taming at over 100% so i got the bloodstalker to over 400% tamed and didnt get her, and she killed me after the blood packs are gone and i lost all my stuff so thanks for that.
  7. whats the point is reporting bugs if they are not going to answer on a MAJOR bug like losing people 5000+ hours of progress on the release of a new DLC, im going to contact IGN and have them do a story on the management of Wildcard's way of cash grabbing like this. screwing over long time players to get new people for the DLC when we are the people that support this game and have for the like decade. hell i been here since before offline dmg, before pve servers, and they could give a shart less
  8. well i bought this DLC half a year ago and people are in with the free weekend and im not
  9. well heck why buy the game now they gave it away free for the weekend and now the servers are so full the people that paid for the game a half year before its release cant play...... geee thanks
  10. I haven’t tried yet but people are reporting mindwipe not working ?
  11. please just remove the dang swarms until you fix them devs how is the bog the EASY SPAWN
  12. or so you thought but for real DEVS ANSWERS PLEEEEASE
  13. Building on the Glitches so i closed a glitch in the volcano zone and i liked the area so i started building (since it allowed me to build in this area) but it seems everything i build in the glitches area becomes unusable i cant open/pickup any items or bags dropped in the area and i can not remove the foundations i placed. its like after placing them they become unselectable but i can still add more to the building.
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