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  1. This is response to another ragnarok server down. guessing 397 gets the same issue
  2. For anyone from 397 tracking this, just saw @lilpandaon twitter saying he's looking into it and that it should be up in a bit (It will be! its slow bootup due to it being pve (ragnarok also makes it take awhile longer too due to the map size). but its booting up!)
  3. Yeah you're right, i'm sorry. i'm not getting the service that was advertised when i purchased the game.
  4. Because you have to unlock all tek engrams again? Because of imprinting? Because why should you have to have multiple characters because its expected that somehow WGS would raptor up? Because if there's specific game mechanics to allow you to server transfer your character, then why should i have to worry about making multiple?
  5. How is there no official response on this? Ragnarok 397 down for 106 hours so far... "There could be a list of reasons why its down" Yes... but surely 106 hours is enough time to figure out WHAT that reason is and send a tweet or a post out like Servers effected by bad hardware: """" """" """ Servers effected by ddosing """ """ """ Literally being screwed over because i cant transfer my character the other servers to refresh demolish timers too
  6. Ragnarok 397 EU PVE Down 72 hours As title says, please fix
  7. Im so glad we had the chance to celebrate arks anniversary with them with this awesome event and release on epic games! Im sure the devs are all extremely happy with the release and it sure has been put out there what a great company Wildcard is! Goodjob on this flawless release!
  8. Ragnarok 397 EU PVE - Dead So... servers been down for 24 hours and 40 minutes. The status has been set to dead. I think there's a green button next to the server menu that should say "start server" if you click that, the server should restart and turn back on. Can someone do this please? Would greatly appreciate it.
  9. ^^^ 16 and a half hours now. CmonBruh, that lean got the devs raptored up.
  10. Ragnarok 397 EU PVE Hey guys, So, 397 has been down for over 4 hours, past 2 days it's been crashing every 15minutes as soon as it comes back up... We've all accepted the server is on fire but none of us can transfer our dinos because theyre in cryopods so they have 15min cd when we get them out of the fridge and have to wait to upload to ark data... What can we do about this? Are we all going to loose 1000s of hours of progress? clearly the servers broken. Would love an official response!
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