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  1. NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland719 - (v322.10) please iv been up all day raising my dinos. i cant go to sleep until the server is up
  2. get rid of these laggy servers Add Nvidia DLSS option to make the game run smoother
  3. i know that, but can they at least remove it for a temporary amount of time until they fix aimboting issues. that gun is a disaster for hard working players that play legit
  4. Tek RAILGUN is a gun made for aimbotters. Please remove TEK RAILGUN
  5. NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland719 We are getting insta killed in our ICE cave by aimbotters please help
  6. NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland719 OFFLINE FOR 24+ hours Server been offline for 24 hours and i have a lot of babies raising. where is the help when you need it, i never ask for help i dealt with a lot of bs from losing many characters 115-125 to losing dinos that took weeks to raise. i just got back into ARK hoping for a good time with my old friends. and i raised dinos and GIGAS for weeks while working 50 hours a week and getting them to 100% imprint. Please guys i dont want to stop playing ARK. help us, our server is always active and had almost 60 to 70 people everyday. many people got their c
  7. TheIsland719 has been down for 5 hours +. danm man all babies probably died
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