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  1. 3 of my tribemates got banned for no reason? my tribemates dont speak english, they were banned and they dont know why. it only says banned from ark every time they try to join the game. where can i submit a ticket for them.
  2. I missed the appointment I set with the GM because I lost my character it got deleted somehow I had that character for 2 years
  3. i play one PC official PVP server, i was in my base and i come back it says in the log i was killed. nothing no enemies my base is safe with turrets.
  4. I LOST MY FIRST GIGA THAT I RAISED TO 94%!! BUG PLEASE PLEASE is there a away i can get my GIGA back and my stuff, i work 6 days a week and it was extremely hard for me to raise my giga. i barely sleep trying to take care of my base. i run into this bug where i log out of the game and my character stays alive in the game. if i dont empty my body it will die from hunger sometimes. is there a way to figure out why sometimes when i log out my character stays awake. and is there a way to get my GIGA back it's really not fair -_-. please ark we work hard to play your game and stuff like that happens to us WHY
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