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  1. I missed the appointment I set with the GM because I lost my character it got deleted somehow I had that character for 2 years
  2. i play one PC official PVP server, i was in my base and i come back it says in the log i was killed. nothing no enemies my base is safe with turrets.
  3. I LOST MY FIRST GIGA THAT I RAISED TO 94%!! BUG PLEASE PLEASE is there a away i can get my GIGA back and my stuff, i work 6 days a week and it was extremely hard for me to raise my giga. i barely sleep trying to take care of my base. i run into this bug where i log out of the game and my character stays alive in the game. if i dont empty my body it will die from hunger sometimes. is there a way to figure out why sometimes when i log out my character stays awake. and is there a way to get my GIGA back it's really not fair -_-. please ark we work hard to play your game and stuff like that happens to us WHY
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