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  1. Ticket number 1819585. Happened January 8th on the crystal isles map of crossark15 cluster official. Tribe is parabellum. I fell into the red obb and was killed by anti-meshing program and couldn't recover my inventory. I had important stuff on me, and will definitely expect it back. I had a golem just tamed, tropical wyvern, argy, owl, 2 velonosaurs, 1 arthropluerab, etc all in cryopods. As well as alot of extraordinary kibble. My base is on the valguero server of that cluster (crossark15). The tribe called vault 17. I just lost a high lvl tuso by being glitch pinned to the floor by 2 alpha
  2. I and a bunch of my friends play on Legacy servers for specific reasons separate from official servers. I know almost every single person on Legacy PS4 and most of them say they haven't heard anything from wild card so when they say they spoke to Legacy players that is BS. I knew there was a reason why I was refusing to give them money for the Genesis DLC. And I'm definitely not going to give them any more of my money if they shut down my server which I've spent years on. If they offered us to transfer our dinos and our characters to official that would be more fair. But if their solution is j
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