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  1. why is that? i mean im not talking like boosted servers status but just a little more especially to maturation and egg hatching
  2. accidental meshing with ankys and drakes ( new anti mesh system) so with this new system in place are we going to lose our tames when they accidentally go through the map when doing metal runs or kiting reapers for pregnancies? i have yet to do a metal run with the anky not going under.
  3. will rates ever get increases again for offcial pve i heard the rates were once doubled a few years back? odds of this happening again? would be very nice i tell hwat ( hank hill "what")
  4. the base game is busted thats why every time there is a update something breaks. what special perkl are we getting this weekend? the whole mana and velo thing is pointless in pve, now velos have to be baby sat so they dont starve out faster.
  5. i thought but two tickets now and same gm does nothing just closes ticket to solved
  6. any thats why its a problem, pretty lame how you can only post 5 times as a new member lol
  7. with a crab yes unless jellyfish and eels dont knock you off crab?
  8. gets in the way using a crab with anky . do eels knock you off crab?
  9. maybe i posted n the wrong area, this is a pve server lol. if it was only the base then it would be no problem but they behe gates are blocking complete access
  10. is blocking major bridges/pathways ok? there is a big empty base built on a bridge blocking access to to the other side in a area in the blue zone of abb. is it normal or ok to have these big path ways blocked? two tickets now and same GM does nothing.
  11. They dont care, clearly. They extended the event a few days but what about everything a lot of people lost? Time requested from work for the event lost, tames lost, structures lost. Havent seen an apology. Extending the event was nice but come on.....
  12. This event was totally botched and screwed over. Such a shame very nice colors for the wild dinos.
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