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  1. So, any chance you guys can add a last minute slider that increases structure limits on single player for Console? Like, I get having that limit on official servers but it does not make any sense having that apply to single player (even more so on consoles) where it's impossible to change the files (since there is no server). A slider(s) to adjust item stacks in general would also be greatly appreciated. Also, I said "last minute" but just knowing you read this and will put it in a future patch would be enough for me right now. Also² THANK CHRIST FOR THAT INDUSTRIAL COOKER CHANGE. Like, for real, thank god for it!
  2. For a while now my game has failed to properly load textures whenever I open it, no matter the map, no matter how complex or simple the base or even if the save in said map is brand new it fails to properly load dinos,structures and environmental textures. Any ideas as to what may be happening here and how I can fix it? Thanks for the help in advance!
  3. There are 2 Explorer Notes on Xbox(and on the other 2 as well as far as I know )(30th from Helena and 29th from Rockwell) located on the island that "are" on the game but not at the same time.They are nowhere to be found in the island even though we know they exist and know what they say.The problem with them(specifically on the Xbox) is that by they existing but being impossible to acquire it locks you out of the Giga,Wyvern and Jerboa bone costumes as well as the Viking Hairstyle.If you guys are not prepared to put them into the game at least make it so they do not count towards those rewards because currently there is no way to get them outside of cheating through console command. Alternatively you could just tell us where they are(if they even are) on the map. Thanks for the hard work.
  4. That Pelagiarctos is a pretty sweet idea,I wouldn't at all more sea based mammals like it to come into the game.Cute it raptoring mortal.
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