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  1. That T issue is because of the recent anti dupe protection they added in the recent update you mentioned.
  2. Does that include being able to carry corrupted dinos to you?
  3. Please just ignore him just wasting your time replying to him.
  4. Oh so you have visited every single server and have gotten that conclusion that i am lying. Why would i lie? i know they will never remove evo events if you make a poll right now to remove or keep evo events most people would chose keep. Im not gonna reply to you anymore not gonna waste my time.
  5. How can i care about evo events and such if im not on official? I was not trying to make you mad I was just saying same reason you hate someone telling you to play on other type of servers i don’t like it when someone asks wildcard to remove something that alot of people enjoy. All servers are not as bad yours im not saying that they are good either but like i said im not having the exact same problems as you and enjoy the evo events and would like them to stay as it is.
  6. I rather them continue as usual with the evo events since they are not gonna update the servers anytime soon or even at all. Not everyone has the same problems as you the servers i play on never get 255 ping the servers do crash sometimes but that is also rare. To me it is not worth it for them to stop doing events if you want a much better experience then there are always unofficial.
  7. The Win 10 version is always behind in updates i think it will be added back in a future update.
  8. What plattform are you on? cause on pc it is available if you go into HLNA shop and scroll down it is the last item down there or you could use the search function on the top of the HLNA shop i checked today a few hours ago and it is still there atleast on pc.
  9. Please read the title and the whole text it is mainly about the cryopods he only said that he doesn’t have the engram for the replicator because he hasn’t done the boss fights and asked if it expected to have learned it before going into genesis.
  10. Cryopods is still in the HLNA shop i just checked scroll down to the bottom of the shop it is the last one or use the search function on the top.
  11. Yes it is saying tek replicator not cryopods. No check again he is asking about getting cryopods it is even in the title and it never said removed cryopods only replicator from the hlna loot crates but he only wants the cryopods.
  12. Can’t see it in the patch notes i know they removed them then re added them maybe you mean the replicator was removed from loot boxes in genesis.
  13. I am pretty sure they added them back again and you have to scroll down the list in the hlna shop.
  14. Not sure about what breeding exploit you are talking about but if you mean being able to get those op dinos through breeding that we get now i disagree people have spent lots of time to get those dinos and also there are already 2 caps the lvl 450 cap and the 256 point cap in a single stat.
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