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  1. Creatures with "attack this target" will attack if an other is aiming for that target. What i do when i use bees as defense is placing a small agressive dino in a 1x1 with tombstone as wall (they will have sight trought tombstone), And i place the queen bee inside a dino leash, the leash will work on the queen but not on the small ones, and they will have the same target than the agressive dino
  2. There are not that much new fresh gamemode suggested, but a lot of basic mode with just different settings. I think that something like an instance game mode. Would satisfy those who wants pvp but don't want to farm/build because it's time consuming . This gamemode could work a bit like SOTF. - a lobby/waiting room, to create tribes - when 2 tribes with the same number of players are ready, they are sent in an instance - in an instance area (similar to bosses arena) a pre-existing base is given to a tribe and an outpost for the other. They are attackers and defe
  3. I think they are good as they are (except that you shouldn't be able to use them near enemy structures, but that's an other subject) BTW, if you are not playing on a cluster it can be hard to get them. So why not add a low tier cryopod that spoil faster and weight a lot. For example, the Araneo could be used to cocoon small creatures up to they ankylo/bear. And then use the cocoon as a cryopod. We already have fishnig basket for water dinos
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