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  1. Hah, took me with my rubbish internet speed almost two days over the 3x weekend to update, so I managed to get a couple hours in for the boosted rates on official. Luckily I haven't bought the Genisis DLC yet but trying to download 60gb is a pain enough let alone 200gb, I think I'd be there a week!
  2. Apparently there was an update, possibly to increase the amount of colours available, but don't quote me on that, a lot of pre-painted structures on official servers are messed up at the moment.
  3. Xbox Ark <-> Windows 10 Ark : Yes Steam Ark <-> Xbox Ark : No Any PC Ark <-> PS4 : No Also if you have bought the Xbox Ark you get a free version for Windows 10. Ark bought through Steam won't work with other consoles etc even though it's the same game, just different 'platforms'.
  4. Same here, seems like the update messed with a lot of random features. I can't seem to damage bee hives with ranged attacks like I used to and Mind Wipe tonics seem to be bugged out too.
  5. I have the same problem, they'll probably update the latest bugs with a patch, hopefully. There's also a problem with Mind Wipe tonics and before the last update I could damage beehives with any ranged weapon, but now nothing, maybe that was meant to be but it's annoying as I have to re-think my strategy for taming a giant bee, pfft.
  6. Using Ark Pain Editor on Official Servers. So this may be an old subject, one I haven't found an answer for regarding official servers. I've used Ark Paint Editor through Windows 10 Ark, managed to paint saved images in game onto canvas ( with no crashing ), and then log into Xbox Ark to paint the same images again. But so far I've been unable to do this on official, the only reasons I can think for this is: 1) Needing to be the same character with save files to transfer to the server ( which doesn't work from single player to official ) 2) They're worried about copyright issues or i
  7. Best defence when you are able to, build a raft, you can live on that for the first month, get to a swamp area with a box base raft and pick up some plant X, you can defend your base with plant X boats, I'll see if I can find a picture of one, they won't attack titans as far as I know or maybe gigas but they'll push back anything else pretty easily. Plus I build too much when I get time to get on Ark heheh.
  8. Hah, this only took 2-3 hours, quicker than taming a max level T-Rex on official =P
  9. Yeah one day it won't look so empty, work and such gets in the way of Ark stuffs, pfft.
  10. Because of this? heheh, that's hilarious =P
  11. Hah, it is possible, a little tricky to work with some times as there's no real ' circles ' to work with. But it's one of my fave things to do on Ark, just build random stuff to see what can and can't be done =P
  12. Hah, why thank you =P I've added to it since then, also looking into making a possible new even better build, I'll post one day when it's finished =]
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