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  1. I noticed that if you download a bunch of creatures from the obelisk in quick succession, it crashes the game. so try to wait like 10-15 seconds between each creature you download.
  2. When I set out to tame my bloodstalker, I got this glitch too. The way I solved it was I got as close to it as I could, standing on a nearby mushroom, when I was waiting for it to grab me, and that seemed to work.
  3. As someone who recently started playing Titanfall 2, I concur.
  4. Right at the edge of the portal past the blue ring.
  5. Why do you care what Wildcard thinks of your black? If it looks black to you isn't that enough?
  6. Nah, the excitement was immeasurable when I first saw it. The Ark community is seriously the only one out there that would be bummed out by a new game.
  7. I think that the people (me included) who express their concern about helena being gay just really don't want the show to go in the fire like Batwoman.
  8. Non of the creatures in Genesis have any scientific names, but if they did, the Magmasaur would probably be a Draconis.
  9. But what if the customer is actually very happy with the food even with all the order mess-ups? I will be buying Ark II.
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