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  1. ok, srry if its not clear at all, 1st its not my tribe, its a friend tribe. tek riffle was used by the insider member of the tribe and the "help for aggroing" was for an external friend of the insider" i know its not my business. but as player i need know how its working inside of the community, i am very worried about this specific issue called "legal theft" and trying to figure out what happend if starts appeariing tons of tutorials trying to show to the new players how to "steal without be banned" think in that.. it will turn pve into pvp on some ways.
  2. Before i answer you the whole things u write. u are talking about Pvp on ur answerings., i am talking it happend on PVE. all the mess happend on Pve. i will edit the post since many guys include you are thinking its happening on Pvp,
  3. i agree what are u saying, Ranks on a tribe dnt guarantee nothing that sentence is really true, but sadily its not writing on somewhere for alert new players for it, did u think a new player will comeback after the insider method? even the old players left the game. i know many friends wich isnt playing anymore cuz that. now imagine this announcement: .. "news , everyone need be insider cuz is the a new method to get stuffs, everyone is allowed to try to destroy his own protected bases" "nobody will be reported or banned, come try this new method!" also appear many tutorials on youtube a
  4. "WC wants risk involved in everything that you do from taming to harvesting to inviting to your tribe. Ever consider that the system has risks of insiding built into on purpose?" Answering: assuming u are saying that somethings have a risk on purpose, u need consider that everything on the game is a risk to, even the lag isnt? and why not? look the servers its always a risk to fly cuz u can crash above the water and fall to drown urself. its a point of view only, i am just saying why u take time invested on programig codes for a game to setting a ranks on a tribe thats dnt work
  5. Hello, thank you for ur answer, when i said "easy" isnt necesary the troll crafted all or invested time for himself. it will be helped for another mind that only give the stuff needed for make the "inside", bobs are not bob anymore, since time ago , at this days is a bit more easy to have a base well seted up, u know everyone have a good anky, for get materials, even there are ppl that buy for real money some basic dinos or stuff and its "easy" get hidden stuff for real money and w8 for the "inside", did u think if everyone can know it as well. and everyone decide test the insider method
  6. oh sure! i was considering even the crashes and lag is part of the rockwell lore, u know rockwell make us crash and lag cuz the corrupted system, even that the rank system have no sense cuz all can work like this without put a rank system if i point on it, its useless.
  7. whats the real function of the rank system then? cuz if anyone can "destroy" everything inside with some easy tricks. the rank system have no sense maybe, u cant put codes on ur vaults or pods. cuz some not honest member can destroy it as well someday.
  8. yes, i cleary understand it, but why we have rank systems then? it have no sense if anyone can break it easy did u think?
  9. Easy to explain hard to resolve ------------ A friend who is the owner on some PvE genesis server got a insider incident, ( i know whats wildcare answer about insiders "set up your rank tribe for avoid it"), but maybe theys are forgetting something important: The Code of conduct rules dnt mess with the responsability of every owner on the tribe, but what about if the insider violate the settings on a tribe? look, my friend the owner of his tribe know how to rank the members inside, avoiding make "admins" to everyone and avoiding make new structures or demo, what happend then? t
  10. i was very far from the caves. even i can build there cuz there is a free land without missions
  11. Hello everyone i just knock out a event x elemental and its not taming.. i just put the extraordinary kibble on it. and nothing happend. we are on Fear event rn .
  12. Dupe 2 toons at the same time or what? Well i hope i can xplain it as well, 1st. i have 4 bases, ( valg, SE, Ab and Gen) and 1 i have 2 toons lvled to 80 and 105, one live on genesis and another on valguero so, i mostly transfer stuff and dinos to one serv to another. maybe 2 times per day on this last event. cuz i breed on 1 and hunt on others, so today i got a strange bug or glitch, between atleast 5 transfer i do today my character keep finally 1 on ab and other in gen , so then i get pregnant with my toon on ab. and i needed to transfer to Val for feed my babies then my tran
  13. Angelsurreal

    some dark locations seems cool
  14. after it , i never seen again..
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