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  1. I can see its not a recently "issue" it was like that for a year , i just wrote another topic because iwas thinking only Southamerica had the same issue, but it seem some ppl from Europe too, MY CASE: Since Lost island is open i cant see NA servers, only OC and EU, (Only Lost island, because i can see NA in another maps) i just reinstalled all, i verify the files, everything, but nothing work, the strange thing here is dnt matter wich country you are, because you can have friend who can be abble to connect and another can not, i was reading around the forums and it seem a issue between the steam settings port, and the internet provider you have, i am looking for a certain solution, because the only way i can play in NA Lost island is between VPN
  2. TRue,there is guys around the world who cant connect to NA, even be in the same country some of thems can and another cant, it seem some issue with steam settings and the internet provider.
  3. Yeah. but the strange thing i have a friend from Colombia too who can connect to NA Lost island. but another friend in Europe cant.
  4. Hello everyone, as the Title, right now i can connect to every map, in different NA,OC,EU servers, but only Lostisland i cant see the NA servers. it only show me OC and EU, i tryied already uninstall, revalidating files, and turn off/on my rounter, even trying to connect from a friend list in steam, nothing happend, (sever not respond) i need to know if it happend to someone now or in the past with another DLC, also, it will be nice if i can find some fix, thank you!
  5. Dupe 2 toons at the same time or what? Well i hope i can xplain it as well, 1st. i have 4 bases, ( valg, SE, Ab and Gen) and 1 i have 2 toons lvled to 80 and 105, one live on genesis and another on valguero so, i mostly transfer stuff and dinos to one serv to another. maybe 2 times per day on this last event. cuz i breed on 1 and hunt on others, so today i got a strange bug or glitch, between atleast 5 transfer i do today my character keep finally 1 on ab and other in gen , so then i get pregnant with my toon on ab. and i needed to transfer to Val for feed my babies then my transmiter dont let me go.. i try many times and relog too. but nothing happend. then i decided make it with my toon on genesis. i log out. log in again on gen and i was using my toon on genesis to transfer to val. but nothing happend to.., so then i get stuck 1 toon on gen and ohter on ab. i cant go out. i ask some friend and theys told me about a dupe.. but 2 characters at the same time? its so strange. so i hope someone can help me fix this. i am worried about.
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    some dark locations seems cool
  7. after it , i never seen again..
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