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  1. Cant claim babies (idk if its update issue) Hello everyone. i am trying to do a shorten explanation 1st. i w8 some hours for the update., 2nd when i log in, after some hour i mate my dinos 3th babies born 4th. cant claim anything cuz a strange issue. someone can tell me whats happend? on my 2 years on ark i never saw it. - it say "E" for training and later . "training available in : 01:40:00 etc. The claim bar dnt show anymore ? I WILL POST SS soon. forum dont let me rn
  2. Dupe 2 toons at the same time or what? Well i hope i can xplain it as well, 1st. i have 4 bases, ( valg, SE, Ab and Gen) and 1 i have 2 toons lvled to 80 and 105, one live on genesis and another on valguero so, i mostly transfer stuff and dinos to one serv to another. maybe 2 times per day on this last event. cuz i breed on 1 and hunt on others, so today i got a strange bug or glitch, between atleast 5 transfer i do today my character keep finally 1 on ab and other in gen , so then i get pregnant with my toon on ab. and i needed to transfer to Val for feed my babies then my transmiter dont let me go.. i try many times and relog too. but nothing happend. then i decided make it with my toon on genesis. i log out. log in again on gen and i was using my toon on genesis to transfer to val. but nothing happend to.., so then i get stuck 1 toon on gen and ohter on ab. i cant go out. i ask some friend and theys told me about a dupe.. but 2 characters at the same time? its so strange. so i hope someone can help me fix this. i am worried about.
  3. Bloodstalker on valguero? Transfer are disabled or enabled? Hello everyone, ty for reading this post. i am not new on transfer system but i have a question about genesis i know characters can travel out and in on genesis, but what about dinos?, theys can travel between genesis servers? only can travel out? only can travel in? why i saw a bloodstalker on valguero? there is lots of questions how genesis transfer work right now. so i hope someone know about it and help me answer that thing that are scratching my mind. thank you.
  4. agree, i was since day 1 too, and never see 1, why then valguero list say it spawn? its some bug? idk
  5. oh then really the rate is very low.., ty anyway i need try to find that damn alpha and take and SS!
  6. Hello everyone, There is a way or setting where i can change the position of the general box chat of ark? i mean its on the botton left, i need place it on top maybe. i remember year ago i accidentally change his position.. but i dont remember how.
  7. hello, ty for u comment, but i am on valguero about 4 months and i visit the trench 3-4 days per week, so thats the rate tooo low?, i killing lots of the normal ones and my server too, even on other servers i never hear theys spawn.
  8. Alpha Wyvern Yea, since i saw the list of creatures on official wiki Valg, i have a question why not spawn an alpha wyvern on the trench? i am playing since 1st day and never saw one.. its a issue for fix?
  9. oh ty i just notice i have not the notification active. i was thinking it was removed thats why i made another post like that, ty!
  10. Valguero question Hello everyone ty for read, Is there some list for know all the dinos and critters abble to exist on entire valguero map?
  11. BRONTO's Tail Well.. on this year i had learned some stuff about ark , "hard way" is called, i know bronto's tail can destroy stuff inside a base or make some damage , the little beasty can hit throught wooden walls and destroy beds, closets, chairs, tables, etc., even can hit throught stone walls and surprisingly even metal walls, ( because lots of times my dinoleashes broke) my questions is... theys can hit throught "reinforced stone doors", tek doors or walls? i cant find anything on youtube about it. and i havnt tek stuff for test. so could be a great help know it. thank you.
  12. allright for everyone: Ty for the help , i could fix it verifying the steam files on propieties and validating it, after it steam come to do a new update automatically. then i try open ark and it work.
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